Unforgettable Day

Will never forget 04 April 2010, caused it marked the day which my chinchilla had passed away..~ And it’s been a year already..~ Though sometime I’d dream of her..~



Happy Birthday..!!

Just wanna say a……………………………………..

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to my most beloved chinchilla named Baby..!!

Although she have already crossed over to the rainbow bridge few months back. But I’ll always remember her birthday!

Here’s a picture of her..~

Name: Baby aka Xiaomao (小毛)

♥ Memories we shared will always be kept deep in my heart..! ♥

Name: Baby
Chinese Name: 小毛 aka Xiaomao
Date of Birth: 06 December 2002 to 04 April 2010
Place of Birth: USA
Color: Standard Grey
Sex: Female


Cross Over to the Rainbow Bridge

Couldn’t sleep the whole night.. been thinking of my chinchilla & etc…~~ So woke up at around 7.35am.. den went to sayang my longmao & talk to her for the final time.. after that jiu wait for the crews from Tengoku Pet Cremation..~ Yesterday around 2am called & booked a appointment with them on the first slot which is 9am-10am on 4 April 2010(Sunday). Den around 8.30am jiu received a call from the crew that they’ve arrived & will be coming up in a moment..~

Around 8am++ or something they jiu packed my baby’s remains into a big wooden box nor.. den I jiu fill in a form & chatted with them for awhile.. mainly is asking questions la..~ Den around 9am+ jiu followed them with my mama, mickey & went down to see the mobile cremation truck lo & also choose the urn for my baby de..~ Around 9.30am or what they jiu went off le nor.. actually can also tag along with them to view for the whole cremation process de.. I didn’t tag along caused very far la.. at pasir ris pet farm there nor.. some more still raining & etc etc..~ Trusted them that they’ll handle her well & carefully so ended up never go lo.. they told me the whole process will take about 2hrs for the size of a chinchilla.. so I jiu went back home le lo..~

Waited & waited.. while waiting jiu clean up my longmao cage stuffs lo.. so many need to clean & tidy up sia.. -__-” Den around 11.30am jiu received a call from the crews that the cremation is finished & they’re on the way to return her ashes back to me nor..  den around 11.45am the crew jiu came knocking my door.. passed me the ashes den after that I made payment.. total cost for the cremation service is $280(Small animal sizes). Overall service quite good.. 1 plus points I liked was that they stated the pricing at their website.. not like some other cremation websites, which didn’t state much information about their services or the pricing.

After I’ve received the urn, I opened up the urn to double check whether is it my chinchilla ashes anot.. could said it’s 100% confirmed was her..~ Caused I remember her fingers shape when she passed away..~ Already placed her urn in a neat,comfortable & clean glass cabinet le.. will slowly decorate up..~ ^

Her ashes inside this Chinese traditional flowery urn~

I'm left with this empty cage..~ T__T

**Reasons why I chose Tengoku Pet Cremation was because, they provide private cremation & you can collect back the ashes after they’re done. I know there are some cremation websites which provide private cremation too! But I googled & searched around, saw a few but mostly they didn’t state the pricing or their services clearly, reviews for those website wasn’t so good. Secondly they stated their services & pricing clearly on the website. So you don’t have to worry about hidden charge or any extra payment. Lastly it was because the cremation process is environmental friendly too! So after some consideration I ended up choosing their service. ^^

Thank you for the past 6 years+ accompanied me..!

The happy & sweet memories we shared together will always be remember..!
Farewell my beloved baby..!! You’re now free from the bad & painful illness..!!
♥ You’ll always be kept deep in my heart 4ever..!!! ♥

R.I.P My Beloved Baby..~

Dear all,

Got a very very sad news to share.. my longmao/ chinchilla aka Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛)
just passed away on 4 April 2010. Died due to illness nor.. haiz.. she gotten a bad illness which is hard to cure.. so no choice got to see her suffer.. already try my best to take care of her le.. no wonder I can feel something was kinda weird yesterday while cleaning her cage, grooming her & also hand bath her myself nor since she toooo weak already..~~ Super duper sad case to see her suffering like that.. T_____T But I keep checking her once in awhile to see if she still ok anot lo.. think ard 1am jiu saw her lying down motionless…~~~ Haiz…!!! Take her out & keep sayang her…~~ Ended up crying & crying.. T__T Cant help much la.. I bet I cfm feel damn sad & emo for a very long time.. hopefully times can heal my sadness..~ 

Have been feeling damn emo for a very very long time…~~~ T____T Gonna send her for cremation tml morning..~ Will update again..~

Here’s a picture of Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛)~ Red heart

Name: Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛)
Birth Date: 06 December 2002
Death Date: 04 April 2010 (Sunday)
Age: 7 years 3 months old +
Place of Birth: USA
Color: Standard Grey
Sex: Female

Bought her during Christmas eve or Christmas day on 2003 nor..~ She been living with us since then..~~

R.I.P MY BELOVED Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛) & SORRY to let you keep suffering the pain illness..~
I’ll Red heart YOU & MISS YOU 4EVER..!!