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About Me!

Hi..! Previously I was a private blogger on MySpace(MSN). But got migrated to WordPress.com on October 2010 due to MySpace(MSN) been closed down on March 2011. Hence this is my newly set-up blog and posts with uploaded pictures dated before October 2010 were no longer available for viewing anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Some information about ME!

I’m just a average Chinese girl, also a typical Singaporean. Hence my mixed languages of Singlish & English in my posts. So pardon me, for my grammar or spelling mistakes..~ Keke..~ I like to blog around or post reviews for stuff that I had tried before or currently still using them.

My Profile

Nick: :~:mÎŇÎ-=-ĐēΜőŇ™:~:
Gender: Female
Location: Singapore

More details about Me!

– Love shopping for beauty care stuffs.
– Love online shopping the most! ♥
– Anything that’s cute.
– Miniature size beauty care products.
– Like to watch Dramas or Anime.

Hair/Skin/Body Types!

Hair Type: Dry, damaged and frizzy hair with slightly oily scalp.
Hair Texture: Fine & Thin.

Skin Type: Combination and acne-prone.
Body Type: Dry, hyper-sensitive and Eczema prone.

Please note that any reviews posted by me, were all tried and tested on myself..~ Product mentioned on reviews were all bought and paid with my own money unless stated otherwise. I’m not advertising for any brand unless stated otherwise. Also products mentioned on reviews may/may not suitable for me. As everyone skin is different and react differently. So please always do a allergy test/skin test check prior to using any new product. Lastly, this website is not sponsor by any kind of brand/company.

*Important: You’re not allow to copy or use any of my photo or blog content without my permission. 

Thank you for visiting and reading! Cheers..! [^-^]v

Note: Highly recommended to use Mozilla FireFox when browsing this website. Using Internet Explorer or other browsers may cause slight inconvenience. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Last updated: 29 January 2014.


4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. it’s so awsome I can read blogs from people like you who write in a fun way and also live so far away from me in such a diffrent lifestyle O.O btw I am so jalous @ those products you just can buy wherever you buy it T^T since they don’t have such cool stuff over here =[

    bye byeeeddd

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the sweet comments! I think the option for you is to get it through online websites. Or if you’ve any friends visiting Singapore, can ask them to get the stuffs for you too.

    Hope you have a great day ahead! ^^

  3. Hi,
    Tried a couple of outlets and still unable to get any of the Original Source Shampoo. They run out of stock for the Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo over the past few months. Are they still available? Need it so badly.

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