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Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask (Review)

I bought this product via online about 2 years ago. Tried and tested both as a cleanser and as a mask for several months. So here’s the full review of it.

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask, 125ml (Front View)

iPhone Images 550

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask, 125ml (Back View)

iPhone Images 551

I first tried it as a mask. Used it once per week for several months. It smell pleasant, comes in a creamy texture so it’s easy to apply on your face. No hassle or mess when applying. There’s a slight cooling sensation after applying it, which I do like it and it feel nice too. xD

Result wise, it does get rid of some minor pimple/acne. But not those big red inflamed acne/pimple. It doesn’t prevent new pimple from popping out. Overall, I would said it’s a alright mask for oily or acne prone skin type. Although it’s slightly drying due to the 3.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. So remember to always moisturize your face with a good moisturizer.

As for a cleanser, I used it daily for several months. It does cleanse well, but sadly it doesn’t clear up all my pimple/acne. So don’t expect a miracle to happen using this product. Overall, I would said this product is alright but it doesn’t leave a wow impression to me to re-purchase it.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Worth buying?: Neutral. You may or may not like it.

Will I buy again?: No.


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