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Taobao Loots (Part 11)

Hi guys, it’s been a very long while since my last post. So here’s a very late post of mine. Bought all these during 2013. =p

  1. RO Baphomet Jr. Plush

iPhone Images 1018

2. RO Deviruchi Plush

iPhone Images 1017

I’m a huge fan of Ragnarok Online, be it their online MMORPG game or anime. It’s just awesome! So came across some of their unofficial plush toys which still looks decent and adorable enough. Note: These are all fan made.

3. Laneige Water Bank Essence (15ml)

iPhone Images 1020

Tried and finished both long ago. It smell pleasant and hydrate my skin well enough. But I still much prefer their water sleeping pack, although they renamed it to water sleeping mask now.

4. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (300ml)

iPhone Images 1019

First time trying out this brand and I saw this was selling like hot cakes on Taobao. The reviews seem positive too! It cost less than $10 and come in such a huge tab of 300ml. Tried it for a few months. It smell really pleasant. Hydrate and sooth my face. You can also use it on any parts of your body, beside your face too. No sticky or oily feeling after applying. Overall, I would said this is a light moisturizer which is still not bad. 

5. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (4ml)

iPhone Images 1021


Bought 10 pack of this sample size. It should be in a creamy state but sadly mine was all dry up when I opened it. So I mixed in some water to create a smooth paste form. It smell kind of like a muddy scent, think it’s probably the volcanic. What I like is the detox feeling, it get rid of some of my clogged pores. Yay, burst them out all! =x Then my face always looks much healthier and brighter after washing it off. Not sure why, or it could be just my imagination. Haha~ The only con is that it’s kinda messy to apply on my face due to the clumpy mud. 


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