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Taobao Loots (Part 10)

Bought all these loots from Taobao way back in August 2013.  =p

1. Natural Lamb’s Horn Comb

Price: Est. $13

Come with a free pouch as shown below.

iPhone Images 960

This is how it looks like when shot in daylight.

iPhone Images 961

I was planning to get a new comb since my previous plastic brush was kinda old and worn out already. So gotten this natural horn comb made from Lamb’s Horn. There are many different type of horn comb to choose, like from water buffalo, lamb and etc. I got this since it stated that it’s suitable for people with long, straight with thick hair type. Also great for people with frizzy hair too! So thinking that, I ended up choosing this. Though this was slightly more pricey compared to the other natural horn combs.

There’s a slight unpleasant scent when I first got it. Guess it’s really natural made from Lamb’s horn. Can even noticed the blood veins on the edge of the comb handle. XD Luckily, the unpleasant scent faded away after a couple days of using it, it’s also mentioned on the seller’s website that the scent is natural and will go away after a few days. As for result wise, it feel good on my hair and scalp. My hair doesn’t get tangle up easily during combing compared it to when I’m using a plastic brush/comb. So far so good. Nothing much to complain about. Overall, a really nice and well-made comb. Think it can last me forever, due to the durable. LOL! ^^

2. Cyclax Green Tea & Cucumber Firming Cream (300ml)

Price: Est. $8

[Front View]

 iPhone Images 962

[Back View]

iPhone Images 963

Tried using it on my face and neck for a few days. It smell pleasant, though the scent is more towards the cheap and artificial smelling type. I don’t like how it feel when I applied on my face. It feel kinda cloying and heavy like the cream just sit on top of your face. Eeww..! So after awhile, I’m back to using my previous moisturizer instead. After about one-two months later, I went back to this moisturizer but to my horror when I opened the jar.. I found water droplets on the lid cover! Though the smell and color of the cream still look the same as before.

Ended up throwing this away. Since it may get contaminated already and I don’t wanna risk it on my face. Not sure why there’s a rave on the seller’s website and with positive reviews. Boo! Please don’t waste your money on this cream. Not worth!

3. McDonald’s Fairy Tales Hello Kitty Series (Wisdom Owl)

Price: Est. $9

Come in their own individual box. Kawaii..! ♥_♥

iPhone Images 964

If I remember correctly, the Wisdom Owl was a Collector’s Kit Special Edition available in Hong Kong. Sadly, the wisdom owl wasn’t available in Singapore. So your best choice is to get it online or buy from ripped off black market sellers in Singapore.

Fortunately, I got it much cheaper on taobao as the price dropped when I ordered mine. XD Yay!

4. Rabbit Pouch (Blue Sakura)

Price: Est. $5

iPhone Images 975

Got this as it’s so cute! XD Big enough to stuff in my iphone 4. XD

My overall loots.

iPhone Images 959

Forgotten to include in the rabbit pouch in the picture above. I also bought a glass cup and a slipper. Sadly, the slipper is kinda small for my size. The glass cup is perfect!


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