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Taobao Loots (Part 9)

Once again, it’s time for another Taobao loots for the day! Yay! Bought all these during March this year. v[^_^]v

1. Soft Kitty Small Pillow Cover

Price (Estimated) : $13 [Pillow Cover + Cotton Filling.]

iPhone Images 567

I’m sure some of you may find the sentences kinda familiar. Yup, it’s from a American TV series called “The Big Bang Theory”. Honestly speaking, I have never heard of this TV show before since I’m not living in the US. What attracted me in buying this small pillow was the cute little kitty design and the size. XD So I went on to google for information then found out it’s from that tv show. LOL!

What you saw above was just the pillow cover only caused I’ve forgotten to stuff in the cotton filling before taking a picture. =.=” You can choose to either order in a set of pillow cover + cotton filling or just the pillow cover only. I bought it as a set since my previous small pillow is in a very bad condition due to the numerous time of machine washing and also partly my rough handling. =x It’s been with me for more than 10 years. So…. time for a new replacement! XD

The material of the pillow cover is made of wool fabric. As for the cotton filling, it’s made of high quality Polypropylene(aka PP) cotton. There’s also a side zipper on the cover, so you can machine wash it whenever you like. After using for more than 8 months, the pillow is still in top notch condition. Kinda surprised that it’s still not flatten yet. Love it! ♥___♥

2.  Left: Japan NicoNico Nekomura Cat iPhone 4 Case (Grey Sleeping Cat), Right: Japan NicoNico Nekomura Cat Anti-Dust Stopper (Pirate Cat).

Price (Estimated):  $17 (iPhone 4 Case), $11 (Anti-Dust Stopper).

iPhone Images 563

Kawaii right? Hehe..~

3. Mini World 3D Polymer Clay Handmade Watch (Unique Rabbit)

Price (Estimated): $17

iPhone Images 565

When I first saw this brand of watches by Mini World(Korea), I know I must get it. It’s so pretty with the 3D polymer clay! The polymer clay miniature is handmade and hand painted by master artists. Amazing!

iPhone Images 566

A close-up view of the watch. ^^ It looks so much prettier in real life.

4. Left: Nioxin Cleanser For Fine Hair, System 1: Normal to Thin Looking (1 Litre), Right: Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner For Fine Hair, System 1: Normal to Thin Looking (1 Litre).

Price (Estimated): $82 (Both)

iPhone Images 568

Still remember my review about the shampoo previously? Yup, after finishing using it I went on the hunt looking for the shampoo again. Time to re-purchase! OMG! I was so surprised when I saw the price at Taobao. It’s so much cheaper compared to buying it at Chinatown or those cheap toiletries shops near your neighborhood. Even after adding in the shipment fee and etc, it’s still so much cheaper. Less than $50 each. (Note: choose the cheapest shipment option in order to SAVE more!) See! Where the hell can I get the shampoo/conditioner at this price?! Dammit! =x I recalled the price for a 750ml shampoo was about $70 when I check it last year. So I’m not sure how much it cost in those cheap toiletries shops now.

The back view of the shampoo and conditioner.

iPhone Images 569

In order to make sure the shampoo/conditioner I bought was authentic. I did a compared check with the shampoo I bought from Drugstore.com Result.. passed! Every words is the same as the one I bought from Drugstore.com, from the description, font color to the brand name and to the manufacturing details are all the same. Even the lot code are printed at the same location. Wahaha..! Better to play safe right?! =p

iPhone Images 570

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for months already. The texture and the smell are all the same. So nothing more to complain about for the price I paid. Review for the conditioner will be coming soon.

Pump dispenser and hand cream given from the seller. So nice! Though I haven’t use the hand cream yet, but it smell pleasant.

iPhone Images 571

5. Left: Korea CO.E Olive Deep Moisture Lotion (270ml), Right: Korea CO.E Olive Whitening Hand Cream(60g).

Price (Estimated): $4 (Both)

iPhone Images 564

I bought this in a set of body lotion + hand cream since it’s much cheaper as a bundle set.  And I’m also tempted to try their hand cream too. Hehe.. Though you can also choose to order them separately, but it will cost slightly much more.

Have tried both the body lotion and hand cream already. Both of them are great! Smell so light and lovely. I like the watery texture, make it so much easier to apply on. For those who hate watery texture lotion or cream, kindly avoid buying this. Will post up the review for them soon.

I also bough some simple dust bags with drawstring to put some of my stuffs. Pretty good I’d said for the price. Just that I forgot to take a picture of it again. *facepalm*


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