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Taobao Loots (Part 8)

Here’s some of my loots which I’ve bought from Taobao back in October last year.. Oops, another super duper late post again..~ *facepalm*

1. Syoss Shampoo & Conditioner 3 Trial Sets (50ml each)

From Left: Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo & Conditioner Trial Set (50ml each)

From Middle: Syoss Repair Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner Trial Set (50ml each)

From Right: Syoss Nutritive Strengthening Care Shampoo & Conditioner Trial Set (50ml each)

Price: $8 (Estimated)

iPhone Images 450

2. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream (30ml)

From Left: Harp Seal (Green Tea Scent), Fairy Penguin (Milk Scent), Panda (Peach Scent).

Price: $6 (Estimated)

iPhone Images 449

The Fairy Penguin was so damn hard to find! Caused it was sold out almost everywhere on Taobao and I couldn’t find someone with available stock. Had a hard time searching till I came across a seller with in-stock available, but it cost slightly a few dollars more compare to the other designs. Oh well, I must get it! XD Penguin..!!! ♥___♥

The Missing U hand cream come in 4 different designs & scent. Actually I was planning to get just two, the harp seal and fairy penguin. To save the hassle, I accepted the panda one as a replacement order for an oos(out of stock) item. >_< Though I’m not sure if the Missing U hand cream is still available now, since this range was released a few years back and you also have to consider about the expiration date too.

I’ve long ago finished using them all. I’ll post up a review for these hand cream soon. ^^

3. 御泥坊 Rose Nourishment Mineral Sleeping Mask (220g)

Price: $13 (Estimated)

iPhone Images 451

I’ve came across this brand, “御泥坊” countless of times while I was searching for a sleeping mask on Taobao. It seem to be popular among ladies in China. So I went on to check out their products. This rose mineral sleeping mask is their “Best Seller” product of all time. Looking at the reasonable price and such a huge tub (220g), so I just went ahead and bought one to try.

Had opened up months ago to test out. It does smell lovely with a light rose scent. I tried and tested using it for a couple of weeks. The hydration result was kinda not bad. As for whitening wise, I didn’t see any visible result since I just used it for a few weeks only. Given such a huge tub, I transferred some to my mum to use. Since I highly doubt I’ll be able to finish using up alone. Hahah.. =x

I’m no longer using this currently, hence I’ll post up a review soon when I get back to using this product again.

*Note: All the prices stated above are the item price only. Shipment fee, agent fee & etc are not included.


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