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Nioxin Cleanser For Fine Hair, System 1: Normal to Thin Looking, 300ml (Review)

I bought this shampoo last December..~ It was 20% off when I bought it and what make it more awesome was that during the time of ordering, there was another 20% discount promotion on Beauty Department..!! Hence, I got it at 40% off the suggested price on Drugstore.com..~ So awesome right..?! XD

Nioxin Cleanser For Fine Hair, System 1: Normal to Thin Looking (300ml)

Price in USD: $12.15 (After 40% off) [U.P: $18.99 on Drugstore.com]

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Actually, I was planning of getting the smaller size version of this shampoo to trial out first..~ So I went on searching for it in our local shops first..~ But most of them are selling so damn expensive and over-priced..! The 300ml cleanser aka shampoo was selling at $28 at one of the shop I’ve seen and the scalp therapy aka conditioner was going for $35..! At another shop I went, the 750ml shampoo was going for nearly $70..!! OMG my eyes..!! Almost fainted..! =x

Hence, I decided to get it online instead. Since it’s still much cheaper after including the shipping fee and etc..~ ^^ I’ve been using it for nearly 3 months already, so here’s my review for it..~

This shampoo lather easily with a lot of foam..~ Cleanse really well and rise off easily with water..~ It smell really pleasant with a light scent of mint..~ There’s some slight cooling sensation during shampooing and rising off..~ Not bad..! Though it’s not as cooling as the Original Source Mint and Tea Tree shampoo which I’ve tried previously..~ Don’t worry, it won’t leave your brain freeze while shampooing or rising off..~ You don’t have to use a lot of amount to get a nice foam..~It didn’t dries up my hair like hay unlike some shampoo which I’ve tried previously..~ So I was kinda surprised by it, I though it will be drying like some shampoo based on the color and texture of the shampoo..~ Still, I’ll always follow up with a conditioner after shampooing..~

After about 2 weeks of continuous using, I noticed that my hair fall has greatly reduced down..~ There’s wasn’t so much hair fall during shampooing and combing my hair..~ Normally, my hair fall like mad during shampooing and combing my hair previously..~Also it helps to control my slightly oily scalp really well..! Which is what I really like about it..! Usually, my hair will feel slightly oily and greasy the next afternoon..~ Eeeww..! Shampooing daily and using a clarifying shampoo once a week doesn’t really help..~ T_T

There’s wasn’t any regrowth of new hair from what I noticed after using it for nearly 3 months..~ Oh well, since I bought it just for a prevention sake and not for regrowth of new hair..~ It will be great if it does help in that..! Haha..~ I guess the result will be much better probably if I use the same conditioner..~ Based on the reviews I’ve read online, the conditioner seem to be not bad too..!

Overall, I’d highly recommend this shampoo for those with fine to thin looking hair and with slightly oily to oily scalp to give it a try..! If you haven’t use it before, you can get the 300ml shampoo first to test and trial it out just like what I did..~ XD Never try never know right?! [Do note that, there’s different type of systems available for different hair type and texture..~ So it’s best to get the right system for your hair type and hair texture..~] Though  I do really love this shampoo for the result and oil controlling..~ But the only con is that, it’s super expensive..!! Ouch my poor wallet..! I’ll most likely get it again, if I can find a cheaper and reliable source..~ Heheh…~ Hunting time..!! *__*

Rating: 4.2/5 Stars

Worth buying?: Yes!

Will I buy again?: Most likely if I can find a cheaper and reliable source.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice weekend..! ^-^


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