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DragonVale (Bone Dragon)

Sorry for my lack of post lately..! =x Here’s another post of mine about DragonVale again..~ Though I know it’s extremely late by now. LOL! This dragon was been released during the Halloween month last year..~

DragonVale (Bone Dragon)

iPhone Images 439

DragonVale (Bone Dragon Baby Version)

iPhone Images 440

DragonVale (Bone Dragon Adult Version)

iPhone Images 441

I didn’t get a chance to breed this dragon when it first came out. And thanks to the event of “Bring them back” by BFS. Most players got a chance to breed dragons which are not longer available to breed for a duration period. When it was near the deadline, they extended longer for players to continue breeding. As during the event period, new dragons are been released out..~ Causing some players not to have enough time to breed those limited dragons..~ Pretty nice and generous of them..! ^^ So I’m sure most players have gotten this limited dragon already..~

Will update with more picture of DragonVale again..!


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