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Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser (Review)

Here’s another late review of mine again..~ This cleanser is AWESOME to me!  Currently my HG cleanser now! I bought it few months back on Drugstore.com during a sales..! Read on to find out more..~

Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser (200ml)

Price in USD: $7.49

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Description and Ingredient List as below.

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Previously I was using the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash which I bought it months ago on Drugstore.com during a sales..~ After using it for a month or two, there’s wasn’t any visible result. My face was still clogged with acne and small tiny bumps..~ So I went to browse for another better cleanser and chanced upon this Biore cleanser..~ The reviews wasn’t a lot due to they have re-packed to a new look. So I went on searching for more reviews on MakeUpAlley aka  MUA instead. Which is a great website for reviews on beauty care items. ^^

I started using this cleanser last September and I’m currently still using it..~ It smell really nice and pleasant..~ Able to lather well with just a tiny bit of amount..~ Cleanse well and rise off easily..~ Left my face feeling nice and icy cool after washing the foam away..~ No breakout,  irritation, dry or tight feeling when I’m using this..~ After using this for about 2 weeks to a month, I saw a visible result! My horrible looking face was clearing up slowly, those nasty tiny skin bumps looking was gone after using it for weeks..! OMG! Finally, I’m able to see my healthy looking clear face after suffering for months..! Though, it doesn’t prevent all pimple/acne from popping out during the special time of the month..~ But still it does works really well for me! [Please note, for those who are sensitive to Salicylic Acid or Methanol, please kindly avoid this..~]

Previously, my face was badly clogged with small tiny skin bumps on both on my cheeks..~ It’s look tiny but still visible looking when you look at it closely..~ And during cleansing my face, I’m always able to feel all these tiny bumps all over my face..~ My face was super horrible with red acne, clogged pimples with pus and small pimple which popped up continuously all over my face during the past months..~ It was really upsetting and frustrating to see my horrible face during the past few months..~ I’ve tried numerous products from pimple cream, moisturizer to cleanser..~ Brand like Vichy, La Roche Posay to drugstore brand like Neutrogena and I even went on trying gentle and mild cleanser from brand like Cetaphil, Purpose to using chemical like AHA from Alpha Hydroxy Acid brand all these with no result at all..~ It just only worsen or didn’t show any result at all..~ Time and money spent were all wasted..~ It was a horrible experiences, even my family and friends commented on my horrible face..~ So it was a really upsetting experiences for me!

Now thanks to this Biore cleanser, nightmare were totally gone..! Although, there’s still some acne and pimples popping out randomly, but still it wasn’t as horrible compared to the previous time..~ I’m really satisfied with this cleanser, so I went on getting the same scrub together to pair it up..~ Will post up the full review of the scrub soon..~ Overall, I’d highly recommended this cleanser for those with acne-prone skin type..! Lastly, a big thank you to Biore for this awesome cleanser, please don’t ever discontinue this product..!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (Highly Recommended!)

Worth buying?: Yes! Never try, never know right?!

Will I buy again?: 100% Yes!

*Please note that any reviews posted by me, were all tried and tested on myself..~ Product mentioned on reviews were all bought and paid with my own money unless stated otherwise. I’m not advertising for any brand unless stated otherwise. Lastly, this website is not sponsor by any kind of brand. Thank you!


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