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Daiso Detergent for Women (Review) [Updated]

I just finished up a bottle of this..~ Managed to stock up a few bottles of it.. currently I’m onto my 2nd bottle..~ ^^

For those who are clueless about what is this or what it does..?! Basically it’s a detergent wash to remove any menstrual blood stains or vaginal discharge stains on your undergarment..~ It is fragrance-free and contains no pigment..~ Also helps to disinfect your undergarment..~ XD When I first saw this, I was kinda surprised that Daiso even sell this stuff… [I know they have another version of the detergent wash for cosmetic sponge which is very popular and always goes out of stock aka OOS very fast..!] So been curious I bought one bottle to try out first..~ Hahha..~

Result wise, it does helps to remove menstrual blood stains and vaginal discharge stains on my undergarment..~ It feel good knowing that my undergarment are super clean caused the detergent wash also helps to disinfect..~ Hahha..~ =x Price wise is super reasonable.. cost $2 for an 80ml bottle of it…~ And you can just get it from any Daiso..~ Just have to find hard..! =/

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Worth buying?: Highly recommended!

Will I buy again?: 100% Yes.

Last edited on 29 September 2013

Daiso have recently repacked the design for the Detergent for Women. Below is the new packaging design.

iPhone Images 971

A must-get for me whenever I go to Daiso or when my stocks run low! ^-^ Highly recommended to ladies!


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