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Taobao Loots (Part 2)

Been very busy for the past few days..~ Now I’m finally able to post up my loots which I’ve bought it from Taobao..~ XD I ordered most of my items on 12 May 2011 & gotten them on 11 June 2011..~ During the 1st week or so, I received a messages from the agent that some of my items had some problems..~ Reasons been were some of my item was out of stock, wrong URL or prohibited items..~  So during that time I’ve also added in some new items into my order list..~ =p

I chose Sea Shipment for all my items..~ Though the waiting duration is quite long, roughly about a month more or less..~ But the shipment fee rates are much cheaper compared to Air Shipment..~ Air shipment duration is of cause much faster compared to Sea shipment.. the duration roughly about less than a week or so..~ Depended if there’s any delay or public holiday both in China or Singapore..~

Total I have 18 items.. out of the 18 items.. only 6 of them were mine..~ The rest of them belongs to my brother de..~ <_< Then my items.. out of the 6 items.. got 4 of them are bulky items..~ Heheh..~ =x

So here’s my loots for the day..~ ^^

Inspired Anni Sui Cosmetic Dresser.
[Top View]

Inspired Anni Sui Cosmetic Dresser.
[First compartment view]
* The first & second compartments are the same.

Inspired Anni Sui Cosmetic Dresser.
[Third compartment view]

Inspired Anni Sui Cosmetic Dresser.
[Front Side View]

Shiseido Super Mild Set (600 ml)
Shampoo & Conditioner.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Moisture Shampoo (500 ml)

Sigg Water Bottle Pouch.
For 0.6L type.

There’s one more item.. which is a 100% Silk pillowcase..~ Just that I have forgotten to take a picture of it..~ =/

For the Inspired Anni Sui Cosmetic Dresser.. when I first saw it at Taobao, I knew I must get it..! Classical look with a mirror on the front & 3 compartments..~ The price is pretty reasonable..~ If I’m not wrong should be around $28.. but is just for the item price only.. not include shipment fee & etc..~ After including all the fees, total was about less than $40..~ The item was pretty heavy.. more than 1 kg plus..~ And is quite bulky, since it come packed inside a box..~ From what I know, the authentic Anni Sui Cosmetic Dresser was released back in year 2008..~ The retail price was 18,900 yen..~ After converting to SGD, was about $280++..~ Way too expensive lo..~ Though it come with a set of cosmetics too..! But still, since I’m not into cosmetic.. so no point for me..~ And I don’t even know about this until I saw it on Taobao..~ Lol..~ =x Overall, I’m very happy with my Inspired Anni Sui Cosmetic Dresser.. the only bad point was that I find it kinda small..~ But overall, still pretty & useful..~ =D I don’t think this is available in sg..~ So if you wanna get it, you can get it through Taobao.. like how I did..~ ^^

Okay.. moved on to my next collection of haircare items..~ Ya I know I’m a little crazy..~ But still the prices for the Shiseido Super Mild are so reasonable ..~ It’s cheaper compared to buying it at Sg, I saw it selling at Isetan Scotts.. inside the pharmacy area there..~ But it was so expensive lo.. if I’m not wrong should be around $20 for the small size bottle..~ The one I gotten are in the bigger size one, 600 ml..~ Cost price for the item only was about $8..~ Hahha..~ So got tempted & bought a set..~ Then while browsing, I saw Shiseido Ma Cherie..~ Wanted to get a set also, but was told that the conditioner was out of stock.. so I ended up with just the shampoo only..~ At least better than nothing right..? Don’t think the Shiseido Ma Cherie ranges is available in sg..~ But even if it is available here, most likely the price is hike up de..~ =.=” Haven’t try yet, will review once I have try it..~

Then I also bought a 100% silk pillowcase, my brother also gotten one too..~ He bought lots of apparel.. some soccer jersey.. shoes.. & lastly some bike accessories..~ Our total parcel weight was about 10kg plus..~ Simply just crazy..! =x 

Pls pardon me for the not so clear pictures..~ My photography skill not so good..~ =/


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