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Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel

Item I’m gonna review for: Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel (50ml)

Price: $50 (Retail Price)

My Review: Alright.. I’ve long ago finished using this up.. but just forgot to post up my review for this moisturizer.. =p I received some Isetan vouchers as a birthday present from a frenz of mine in year 2009.. hence was browsing at Isetan.. thinking of what to get with the vouchers… hahha..~ Then I spotted Laneige counter.. hmmm… as I have tried before some of their products & the result was kinda good & I liked it too..~ So I decided to get a moisturizer from the counter..~ ^^ After chatting with the nice & friendly SA.. she recommended me to get the Water Bank Hydro Gel…~ Alright… so I ended up getting it..~ Then proceeded to the cashier & paid for my item.. also top-up the remaining amount of $20 for the moisturizer caused the vouchers were not enough..~ =x

I used this moisturizer daily..~ Hmm.. can said it’s a pretty decent & hydrating moisturizer.. smell pleasant & absorbs fast.. non sticky..! Just that the price was very expensive…! So I always get my stuffs online instead as it’s way much cheaper though..~ XD Heard from the SA that the Hydro Gel will be discontinued at the end of year 2010… not sure how true it was.. but I still saw it listed at their website though.. not sure if it is still available at the counter..~ =x

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Worth buying?: Neutral

Will I buy again?: Nope. Too expensive!


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