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Small loot for the day!

Finally received my Amazon.com spree item on Monday(11 October 2010)…~ Hehehe… been waited for abt 1mth+ le lo… I only bought 1 satin pillowcase nor… hahhahah… =x At first was comparing between 2 different type of pillowcase de… one is from Spasilk.. another one is the one which I’ve gotten.. Spasilk one are more exp lo… so I ended up choosing the one which is more cheaper but still with lots of positive reviews..! XD Alright.. I budget nah..! =p

My satin pillowcase~
Price: USD8.49
Total Paid: $20 (Est.)
Colour: Royal Blue~ ^-^v (Got a lot of blue colours, but ended up choosing Royal Blue instead)
Material: 100% Polyester Satin
Size: Standard ( Much bigger than my normal pillow)

Zoom in view~
There’s a slight soft shiny effect..~

O_O” Omg..!! Feel so luxury soft soft soft…!! Damn…~ It just feel so good to touch nah… hahha.. tested for the nite…. result nah… is great!! Normally when I woke up the next day hor.. my hair will look like lion lo… untidy & messy… den my hair at the end will look so dry & tangle up lo… >_< After sleeping with a satin pillowcase, it really does help sia… woke up the next day.. my hair still look the same b4 the nite.. still feel soft soft… not much tangle… & best of all… don’t look like lion..~ Lol =x Yuppie! Can just google around for the benefits of sleeping with a satin pillowcase nor… there’s also a silk pillowcase.. just compare & see which one you prefer nor..~ ^-^v

Before I end… yummy snack..~

Cinnamon Melts from McDonald’s..~

Still so yummy after left it on the table for so many hours..~ =p

& lastly………………

Here’s my dog.. Mickey… playing with her favourite small white tiger plush toy again..! Lol~ XD


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