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Been feeling kinda moody & frustrating this few days…~ Arghh…!! Gonna start some of my small rantings…!!

Can only said been an online seller is very sian de lo & blood boiling… caused leh.. firstly you’ll received emails from people asking questions which was already stated CLEARLY in my sales post le.. is like they majiam blind or can’t read English like tt de lo… den secondly is… some people will start bargaining the price with you…~ Some if bargain failed, will try to sell your their stuffs even..~ I got a buyer asking if I’d like to have her boxes of banana which she bought from Japan, at $xx price~ Ya right.. in my insane mind I’d buy from her..~ Siao de lo.. if I wanna eat banana can go NTUC buy or market buy lo..~ Crazy bitch..! =x Alright… the worst case which I’ve gotten before is like this…….. (see story below)

Seller A posted her sales post & selling the same item with me at $xx price. Which is cheaper by a little bit compared to mine. Alright, den that buyer PM me asking whether can my price matched with the Seller A?! If can, den she will get from me. She also told me that she don’t have DBS account, will prefer meet-up instead caused she felt not very safe for a bulky item to go through normal postage & she can save all the hassles. (Which is very obvious, she didn’t read my T&Cs! I where got state normal postage..! Is MEET-UP leh..! Damn!)

So…. the above buyer of caused failed again..~ My price was already reduced le.. den she still wan my price to match the same as Seller A. I’d rather she get from Seller A instead. Blehxxx…! Shooo shooo…!!

The another emails which I’ve gotten is damn damn weird… since when did I go post ads on Chic magazine?! Hmmm…..~~


Enough of my rantings been a seller…~ Next is…………

Damn tt bitch…! Nb de…. still haven refund us the money… I bet she also don’t bother to refund le lo… spree dragged until so long… gonna 2yrs le… spree-ers reported to police also no use. Damn jia lat… there’s goes another fraud seller running freely away..~ Hope that bitch got her karma…!! Cursed cursed cursed…!!!! <_<


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