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Hooray…! Went down to kino NAC today noon to get the JS e-mook…~ Heheheh…~ XD Hmmm…. reach kino at ard 3.50pm nor.. saw still gt alot of JS e-mook on the shelves so jiu went ard browsing… hahahha… hmm…~ Aft I happily browsed finished le.. jiu went to pick up a copy of the mook & 1 chinese magazine nor.. tio tempted by the gwps, also by the super reasonable price && the miniature size samples! =x

Next leh.. jiu went to Watsons browse ard lo.. den saw the Vaseline body lotion (120ml) is on the $1.95 offer shelves..~ Keke…~ Of cos I itch-butt again went & bought 1 lo.. at 1st tempted to get 2 de.. den think think jiu ended up buying just one… u see u see.. I controlled liao le..! XD Reach cck den went to Venus Beauty to get some stuff.. aft that jiu take bus back home nor…~ Think reach home abt 6pm ba… XD

Here’s the loots for the day!

Price: $31 (at kino)
Right: Marie Clarie Beauty Guide No.4 2010 (Taiwan)
Price: $6.49 (at kino) [Reasonable price rite?!] =p

Marie Clarie Beauty Guide No.4 2010 (Taiwan) with 3 Bio-Essence Freebies

Zoom-in view of the Bio-Essence Freebies~
Bio-Essence Freebies!
Left: Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP (10g)
Middle: Radiant Youth Essence with ATP (5ml)
Right: Face Lifting Cream with ATP (10g)

* No reviews for this.. caused I’m not the one using it & I also don’t like this brand..~ Hahah..~ Gave it to my mama le..~ ^^v
Cover view


The freebie which came with the JS mook
JS Cosmetic Pouch Case

Back-view of the case (Compartment 1)

Inner view (Compartment 2)

Inner view (Compartment 3)

JS metal ribbon shape keychain..! (Front view)
With a crystal at the center of the ribbon keychain

Back view
With a “J” at the center of the ribbon keychain

“Jill Stuart” logo on the pouch case with glittery on it~

The picture of how it’ll look like~~

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reviews: Confirmed worth getting!!! The cosmetic pouch case was very well made.. material wise was sturdy enough..~ Gt lots of compartments for u to put your make-up brushes, make-up stuffs or other barang barang~ Also not forgetting the very kawaii metal ribbon shape keychain nor…!! Must get..!! ^-^v


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