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Jill Stuart Happy 5th Anniversary (E-mook)

14 September 2010

Yea Yea….!! Finally received my long waited JS loot sia…~ Been waiting for abt 1 week++ le… >_< Kinda 2pid de lo… last yr I saw this e-mook at Kino.. but leh.. I didn’t buy it… caused I felt that the cosmetic pouch & mirror quality doesn’t look so well-made & abit plain looking & also too pinky sia…~ =x Den is until tis yr… till I bought & gotten my FIRST ever loot from JS… which is the night jewel EDT 50ml de nor…~ *___* I was like OMGWTF…??!! Picture already look so chio le sia… in real life look more more chio with the swarovski crystals blinging brightly..! XD Tot I already heard & know of this brand since 2007 or 2008 ba.. which is when I was browsing ard & spotted their first EDT on the internet… from that day onward leh… jiu gt hooked onto this brand le lo… but mainly is more on their skincare range, tools range & etc…~ Hehehe…~

Alright.. enough of my grandma story… here’s the picture for the day~

Jill Stuart Happy 5th Anniversary (E-mook)
Cover view

Jill Stuart Happy 5th Anniversary (E-mook)
Back view

Jill Stuart Happy 5th Anniversary (E-mook)
Price tag: TWD613
* But I bought it for TWD530..! XD

The freebies which came with the e-mook~
*This is how it look like when taken out from the box~

Took out from the box… adjust adjust abit… & tadaaa…!!
Here’s the real look of the freebies..~

Top: Jill Stuart Happy 5th Anniversary Cosmetic Pouch
Bottom: Jill Stuart Happy 5th Anniversary Mirror

Inner view of the Cosmetic Pouch

*Nice sia… can put some barang barang inside… one gd point is that it came with a divider as shown in the picture..~ Lol..~ If u nt happy can also remove the divider nor..~ ^^

Closer view of the cosmetic pouch

Over here leh.. can put some makeup brushes lo…~ XD Which of cos I don’t have any…~ Hahaha… =p

Zoom in view…~

Next up… is the mirror..~

Mirror mirror…~

Came with a protection film…~ So nice sia.. at first I was wondering if the mirror will crack during the shipping..~ Lol~

Lastly……… another reason of buying…… is caused of……………………

This model…..
Akemi Nakano
~ Star

Omg…! She look so stunning pretty sia..~ *__*

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (Cannot be so biased la, tts why I didn’t give full stars) =p
Material: Hard & sturdy..!
Price: $31.19 (Included item price, shipment fee, postage & handling fee)
Price: $31 (At kino) [LOL! Just exp by 19 cents… hahaha]
Review: Worth buying for all JS fans…~~ Hehehe…. great for collecting & the small booklet included inside is quite nice sia.. gt show all the limited edition stuffs from the past few years~

Will be waiting for the upcoming 2010 JS e-mook again…!! ^-^v


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