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Avon Loots~

14 September 2010

Yea….!! Finally gotten my loots from Avon spree…~ Hehehe….

Here’s my loots for the day..~ XD

Left: Foot Works Watermelon Cooling Foot Lotion (100ml)
Price: US$3.99 [Usual Price: US$5]
SKIN SO SOFT Summersoft Soothing Lotion (350ml) *aka the SSS XD
Price: US$4.99 [Usual Price: US$8]
ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment (60ml)
Price: US$9.99 [Usual Price: US$12]

Closer view of the Anti-Frizz Treatment~

* Latest haircare treatment by Avon.. so I itch-butt wanna buy & go test test.. since the reviews on the website was kinda high too! XD Hmmm… watermelon cooling lotion for my poor feets lo… my skin keep peeling off… >__< Lastly leh… the Skin So Soft aka SSS body lotion… inside gt cooling effect which I <3!! Have tested 1 of the SSS body lotion… so far result pretty gd nor.. that’s why itch-butt bought this & try out… hahahhah…~ Will post my reviews once I’ve tested & tried out…~ ^-^


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