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Luxasia Warehouse Sales 2010

26 August 2010

Went to the Luxasia Warehouse Sales with my frenz 2day nor… the venue is at Luxasia Building which is located at 12 Tai Seng nor…. damn troublesome to get there sia… caused I frm CCK take train all the way to Paya Lebar den walked to the circle line platform there, den board the circle link train toward Marymount de…… alighted at Tai Seng.. aft tt leh… walked for awhile, crossed overhead bridge… den walked pass the bus-stop… den continue walking to the cargo lifts area…~ OMG rite..?! @__@ I think it took us about 10-15mins to get there ba… hahhaha…~ I alrdy started sweating while walking nor..~ >__<

Den when the lifts door opened… waa sia… so crowded wor & quite warm… alrdy 7pm le.. still gt so many PPLS..!!! <__< Alright lets start browsing ard.. hehhehe…~ (Still sweating mood..~) Craps… saw afew of the desks were empty.. Yay..!! Really EMPTY…!! XD But still gt fragrances, sum skincare & very very limited cosmetic ranges left nor… hmmm…~ Let me recalled wad brands I saw… Salvatore Ferragamo(Incanto), Stila, Guerlian, Lancaster, YSL, RMK, Phytomer, Prada, Burberry, Issey Miyake, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton,Hermes…….. still gt more la… but I cant rmb sia.. =p Hahha…~ Was interested in the Incanto Bloom perfume de.. just tt abit pricey for me lo… so didnt get it… [was still jkin wit my frenz.. abt wad if I get the Phytomer body milk (50ml) which cost $2.. den when reach cashier sure veri funni de lo..~ They shake shake the shopping bag den only 1 small bottle of body milk drop out.. I bet will have the seriously WTF & "….." look on their face de! Aahhaha…~=Pp] Aft tt jiu here look there look look lo.. the room quite warm & stuffy nor.. don’t have air-con.. just only gt sum fans blowing ard only…~ -___-" Ard 7.40pm ba.. we jiu leave the place lo… me & my frenz came out empty handed… hahahaha…~ Surprising sia… tis is the first time I didnt buy anything frm a sales…~~ Lol~ Save money! XD

Den aft tt leh… we jiu discussing where to go next… since alrdy quite late le.. so ended up going to Bugis… hehehe… bought some sushi for my supper ltr on… den aft tt jiu shop ard lo… next jiu went to Mos Burger makan our dinner….~~ ^^ Den ard 10.30pm jiu leave the place.. went to take mrt back home le… I reach home abt 11pm++ ba… ^-^

No loot for the day..~ >__<

**Overall reviews for the Luxasia Warehouse Sales 2010
Product Ranges: 3.9/5 Stars
Price Ranges: 3.5/5 Stars
Venue: 2.5/5 Stars [Warm & stuffy = Noo Nooo..!!]
SA Service: 4/5 Stars
Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars
Worth going?: No (Unless u stay nearby/ bo liao lo)

Not sure will I be going to their next sales lo… will see the venue ba..~ Still prefer The Body Shop warehouse sales nah which is <3! ^-^v


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