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InRed September 2010 Issue

14 August 2010

Went out today with my sec sch frenz nor.. fang quan aka fq… heheheh…~ ^^ First leh.. we went to far east plaza nor… I bought a hair accessories which cost $4.90..~ >__< So exp kaoz..!! Den went to search for belt lo. always wanted to get a new belt de.. but don’t have a chance sia… hahahha…~ So browse here & there le.. den finally saw 1 I like de at a shop located at basement de…. went to cashier to pay den the staff say $9+ & ask me whether wanna get 2 instead for $15..?! At first I was thinking… aaa… ok hor buy 2 cheaper ma…so went to browse for my 2nd belt lo… den I realized something wasn’t so right lo… I tot each belt shd b $5? @___@ A……??! WTF..!! $@#$^%&$%^&……….. y 1 average quality + plain looking belt will cost $9++…!! Nb sia… <__< So we just told the staff will come back ltr… but actually is heck care wont buy le… LOL..!! 2pid shit price…!! =x

Den next jiu went to wisma nor… den went to isetan orchard…~ Next jiu went to buy drink….!! We alrdy gonna die of thirst le… hahahha…~ But den on the way I spotted a casual bazaar at taka nor.. so went there check check first… LOL…~ So happy sia.. gotten 1 kawaii hippo t-shirt.. which cost $15(U.P $29.90).. heng I keep searching & digging for my size nor.. L size left only 1 nah… ^^ so heng nah..!! Hehheheh…~ Den we jiu went to buy drink & went to kino nor..~ Yea…!! So happy finally gotten the InRed September 2010 issue magazine which come with a Loewe Pink Tote Bag..~ I spotted them at NAC kino de… heheheh… at first I tot alrdy sold out during the 2nd shipment le sia.. den quite surprised to see still gt some stock available nor.. quantity wasn’t alot.. frm the latest news I heard was told alrdy sold out liao le…~ Not sure still gt new shipment anot lo…~ =/

My frenz also bought 1 sia.. quite surprising to see her buy lo…I bet 99.99% must be due to the magazine freebie.. ‘Loewe pink tote bag’ …~~ Hahhaha…. =p Den leh… next we jiu went to bugis nor… caused I wanted to buy something but only BHG bugis having the promotion sales.. so jiu went to BHG bugis den I was looking for Kose counter… hahhaha… caused I saw online website that they’re having some promotion sales over there lo… den gt 1 special skincare bundle set I’m interested in de.. heheh… finally spotted de counter le…~ Ended up I bought the Kose Seikisho Mask White(75g) & Kose Sekkisei Lotion(100ml) bundle set for $35..~ Its just like the lotion is free nor.. caused the mask white actual price was already $35 le ma.. hahha.. [OT: The kose aunt serving me de very fan & nagging sia.. keep hard selling me with other bundle set..! Blehx…!] =x Aft tt we makan mos burger.. yummy…!! Hehehe… den jiu shop for awhile jiu went back home le..~ ^^

InRed September 2010 Issue with freebie~
Price: $20.20 (Air Shipment)

The freebie with the magazine..~
Loewe Pink Tote Bag~
Packaging look so pinky sia..~ XD

My Loewe Pink Tote Bag~ <3<3!! ^-^v

Inner view of the bag..~

Rating: 4/5 Stars!

*Overall leh… quality & material was quite okay nor… mine the side of the bag gt a little bit of ink bit.. but it doesn’t matter much la… hahahah..~ XD


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