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Couldn’t get the InRed September 2010 issue which come with a Loewe Tote Bag nor… was told that it arrived on 06 August 2010(Friday) & was sold out within 10 mins..!! On that day leh, customers who’re buying the InRed/Steady September 2010 issue need to queue up for the magazine..~ [This is just like wad I did for the Numero Tokyo November 2009 issue which come with a Gucci envelope case..~ XD] Many customers bought up to 10 copies of the magazines.. perhaps mayb more.. but who’s know la.. that’s why so fast jiu sold out le lo..! From wad I know leh, most of them are actually re-sellers… aka like blogshop owners, online sellers & etc..~ The 2nd reason was also due to the members 20% storewide discount lo… <__< Den on that day, the staff manager didn’t enforce the rules of 1 copy per customer, just like wad they’ve did for the Numero Tokyo November 2009 issue de… blehx…! So is like #$@#$%%^$%..!! Why like tt sia…!?

Saw ppls ranting on the forum thread… some are selling the magazine… as for the selling price, I’m not sure..~ Den gt some are complaining abt someone in the forum[which I know is who la] Hahha…~~ =___=" Last time buying the magazine are much easier lo… I can go down like  few days ltr aft the shipment arrival date & still able to get it… but nw leh… is like OMGWTF…?! For those popular magazines, it will be snatched up super fast…~ Maybe on that day of the magazine arrival date jiu will sold out.. or even worse is within 5-30mins jiu sold out le..~ ("_) So its like you have to camp there very early to be able to get it lo…~ Confused smile So troublesome de lo….~ Blahx..!

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