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Daily Face Regimen & Reviews

Alright… this is wad I’ve been using currently….~ ^^

Cleanser: Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash 6 fl oz (177ml)
Price in USD: $7.49 [Usual Price in USD: $8.59]
Where to buy: http://www.drugstore.com

Reviews: I’ve been using it since February 2010 till now nor… result pretty good… gt a little bit of breakouts when I first started using it lo… most probably is due to the AHA inside the cleanser ba… but after using for more than 2 weeks… my face started to clear up…. ^^ It lather very easily with plenty of foam… although the bottle stated soap-free la… but den still gt foam sia.. so no worry if you are those who prefer the foamy type cleanser… this 1 gt foam foam de..! Hahah…~ Scent wise leh… bottle stated fragrance-free… but I still can smell some sort of chemical scent nor… doesn’t smell very nice but I still able to take it lo.. use long le nose will get use to it de… heheh….~ Face feel very clean, soft & smooth after using it nor… the best point is that it doesn’t dry up your face… as some cleansers which I’ve tried before de hor.. after using it.. feel quite drying de lo.. eeww eeww..! Not good for your skin.. so best is to dump them off/give it to your mama/papa/korkor/jiejie/meimei/didi to use or give it to your frenz who you think will be more suitable de lo… hahhahaha…~ XD Overall leh, this will be my HOLY GRAIL aka HG cleanser le…. most probably won’t be changing my cleasner le ba… ^-^v

Toner: Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula (200ml)
Price: S$11.30
Where to buy: Ocean [At Chinatown]

Reviews: I’ve been using this for YEARS….!!! Was previously itch-butt so went to buy & tried out the Kose toner… which is highly raved in forum lo… but to me leh…. was too drying le…!! Luckily didn’t buy the full retail size bottle de if not confirm sian 1/2 lo.. The 1 I bought is in miniature size de.. think is 30ml or 50ml ba.. can’t remember le..~ =p Alright back to the review, this one leh… is very good IMO la…~ Not drying to my face & also feel pretty good… scent wise was pleasant..~ Hahahha… best of all the price also very reasonable sia… hehhe…~ My another HG toner… won’t be changing unless I itch-butt again…~ =x

Moisturizer: AquaLabel White-Up Emulsion R (130ml)
Price: S$29.90
Where to buy: Watsons

Reviews: This 1 leh… just started using for about 3 weeks nor… so far pretty good… face feel soft & smooth nor… for whitening wise… result still not visible yet… hahaha…~ But will still continue to use it lo…~  I’m still on the search for my moisturizer lo… so far those which I’ve tried & tested are still not to my standard of HG moisturizer… >__< Will continue looking for my HG moisturizer… ~ ^-^

Hmmm…. you must be wondering why don’t have sunblock, essence, eye serum product reviews hor?! Reason been very simple… caused I don’t use them ma… LOL! Thats why don’t have reviews for them… hahahha..~ But then maybe will start to get a sunblock first to test test out nor.. hehehhe..~ Alright.. update up to here ba… still gt moreeee upcoming product reviews coming soon…~ ^-^v

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