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Hooray..!! 2nd Kate Spade Loot…!!

Finally gotten my 2nd Kate Spade loot….!! Just loving it man…!! Hehehhe….~ Bought it during sales time… the tote bag I bought usual price was US$155 nor.. after 50% off discount was US$77…. actually I can save another 25% off de… just tt I placed my order too early liao le lo…. caused aft the spree closed le & aft spree organiser have placed our order le..  den few days ltr KS started the extra 25% discounts off on top of all sales items nor… >__< Nvm lo… actually I also quite heng to ordered earlier nor.. caused during the additional 25% off sales period… the tote bag that I’ve ordered de went OOS the very next day when I check back nor…~ Scary sia..~ LOL!

Total paid abt S$145 for the tote bag,shipment fee & postage fee nor….~ Yippie…!! I’m a happy gal…!! ^^

Here’s the pictures…~

Kate Spade Kate Small Coal (Silver)
Price: US$77 (Usual Price: US$155)

The wording "KATE" at the front..~

"SPADE" at the back..~

Inner bag view with a large interior pocket…~ ^^

Kate Spade New York on the interior pocket..~
[Close-up View]

Kate Spade Care Card & Price Tag..~

*Dunno why gt another price tag of US$135… hahhaha… perhaps is another discount price…?! But confirm cant beat the discount price of US$77 de nah…!! YEA!! XD

Review: Material is thick cotton canvas with a super sturdy base.. also able to fit in A4 stuffs de.. tote bag feel very well made & very good… love the interior pocket… so large nah.. can put lots of small stuff inside le… heheheh…~ Happy sia.. gt new bag can use le… YEA..!! XD
Rating: 5/5 Stars!! ^-^v


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