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Dove Beauty Moisture Body Wash

21 July 2010

Received a free body wash sample from Dove…~ I submitted my sample request form on 14 July 2010… den saw the envelope stamped on 15 July 2010… but I only received it on 21 July wor… almost 1 week ltr… -___-" Perhaps it was SingPost slowpoke fault or wad ba.. who’s noe right?! Tot I was quite happy to receive it la… but I was abit unhappy with the way they mailed out their free sample…~ Caused when I received mine, my name & address came half falling off from the envelope….. -____-" It just look like they print our info on a paper den use the paper shredder machine & just some cheapo glue & glued the name & address on the envelope sia… damn budget lo..! Blehx..! KAO was so much better, at least most of the free samples given from them came with my name & address neatly printed on it.. nt like Unilever…~ <__<

Alright… enough of my small ranting… tot I’ve been supporting dove products & also been using Dove Beauty Moisture Body Wash for many years le… but I still bo liao la.. so go kpo & request a sample… hahahha… =x

Here’s my free sample from Dove…~

Dove Beauty Moisture Body Wash (55ml)

LOL..~ Previously bought the dove travel size kit.. inside alrdy
gt include 2 travel size body wash le, nw add in this total I gt 3 le
nah…~ Look so kawaii nah.. small small de..~ Hahah..~ Dunno y la… but I just
like to collect/buy those skincare/haircare/bodycare products in
miniature size de & also perfume too…~ LOL..!  XD

Arigatou Dove for the free sample..! ^-^


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