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AquaLabel by Shiseido

15 July 2010

Meet up wit my frenz today.. first we went to raffles city 2 shop ard nor… den next jiu went to marina square… Zara gt lots of sales items ongoing sia.. den my frenz gotten some tops & bottom… at 1st I tot of buying a top de.. ended up din buy nor.. hahahha… aft tt ard 6pm+ jiu went to food court makan our dinner… surprise right?! So early jiu makan our dinner le… hahhaha… we always makan quite late lo.. den need 2 makan so fast quite tiring de sia.. so 2day jiu planned 2 makan early abit… XD Next jiu went to Heeren… caused I wanna go aLT… I think just newly opened de ba.. spotted a bunny print mouse pad… damn  kawaii sia.. price quite reasonable also… hehhehe…~ Next jiu went to kino… boring!! No interesting magazine gwp today… so jiu went to watsons… but on our way spotted another Zara outlet again.. so we went in there check out awhile… hahahha… aft tt jiu went to watsons… I was planning to get a new moisturizer nor.. since my old 1 de gonna use finish le… So I planned to switch over to AquaLabel test test nor…~

Hehe…. AquaLabel is under Shiseido group & the price ranges are much lower compared to the higher end of Shiseido skincare products… ^^ But I read the small booklet & still so confused wor… dunno get which 1 better since they gt so many different types of moisturizer…~ @__@ Luckily NAC watsons gt testers sia… caused at 1st saw them in marina square watsons de.. but too bad there don’t have any testers… >_< So I tried out the testers….~ White up emulsion texture feel kinda good… white up enhancer(<– Star Product!!) texture feel kinda like using water…. so light-weight nah…!! The white up cream feel abit oily nor… the SA heard my chatting wit my frenz… so she asked me wad I just use that feel oily de.. so I told her is the cream nor… hahhaha… she told me oily caused tt 1 is a night cream lai de… due to the ingredients kinda rich hence will feel abit oily & is more suitable to use while slpin in an air-con room… or for those with super dry/dehydrated skin type de nor..~ Woot………. so we chatted awhile with her.. & asked abit qns… hahhaha… ended up she recommended me to use the White Up Emulsion R… which is for normal to dry/dehydrated skin type de… ^^ So I jiu listened to her & gotten tt 1 nor… hahahha… too bad enhancer sold out le… >_< At 1st I was planning to get either the cream/enhancer/emulsion to try out 1st de.. cream price quite exp nor.. I think $30+ for just a 30g cream nah..!! I prefer 50ml moisturizer la… can use longer & price must be reasonable also..!! <__< Den enhancer price still ok la.. ard $20++.. but I feel so confused duno the enhancer is exactly for wad use de.. izzit a 2nd step toner or…???!! Hmmm…~ @____@ Heng tt SA recommanded the emulsion.. Hahahah…

Aft tt leh… we planned to buy some snacks de.. but too bad 9.30pm le… den the security guards don’t allowed ppl to go in le.. so there’s goes my snacks..!! GONE…!! <__< Den we jiu went to take bus & went back home lo…~~ [Something happened here, but its a secret…] LOL..!! XD

Here’s my loot for the day..~

AquaLabel White Up Emulsion R 130ml (by Shiseido)
Price: $29.90

Reviews: <3<3 whitening skincare products..!! Just tested for 2 days nor… result still quite okay.. woke up next day face feel soft soft de.. & feel abit firming.. so far no breakouts.. & let’s hope there’s no breakouts at all.. hahahha.. cross fingers~ =x If aft using for 2 weeks or more le still no breakouts, den I don’t mind getting the enhancer to test test… heheh… will update again in few weeks ltr..~ Do check out if you’re at watsons..~ There are a total of 3 ranges from this brand currently in SG… Blue,Red & Green de..~ Also rmb there’s a S/R different for the lotion & emulsion!! Their term of lotion & emulsion is kinda different in our country.. Lotion is aka our toner lai de.. as for emulsion I think is either our serum/essences nor.. Hehehe…~ ^^

*S means Supple: For normal to oily/combination skin type.
*R means Rich: For normal to dry/dehydrated skin type.
[Do take note, don’t grab wrong de] =p

Kawaii rabbit print mouse pad
Price: $6.90

Zoom in view~

Craps shit…!! Look so kawaii but not good 2 use la…. damn…!! The surface feel too smooth le so my mouse keep running away whenever I use it lo.. so I fed up wit it & changed back to my old winnie the pooh bear mouse pad…~ >__< Wasted nah..!!


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