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Kate Spade is <3!

Hooray…!! Finally gotten my Kate Spade loot from online.. joined a spree during the SUPER DUPER TEMPTING Kate Spade Samples Sales which started on 15 June till 18 June 2010.. the discounts was up to 75% off for almost all the stuffs nor… damn tempting rite..?! *____* At first leh.. a french wallet caught my eyes..~ Design & colour look nice & the price aft discount was damn shiok ar!! Usual price for the wallet was USD145 but aft the 75% off discounts become USD49!!! XD So aft I viewed finished le… still nothing fancy me except tt french wallet… so planned to order it ltr on… but…… when I wanna order le the wallet become OOS…!! Nb de… yyyy so fast sold out wor…!! T__T Its crazy fighting with so manyyyy ppls during the sales period…!! Most of the nicer/popular stuffs I saw was still instock but just aft few hrs ltr(E.g 2-3hrs ltr) & u went back check again the status changed to OOS..! Crappy sia..~ >__< So bo bian lo.. give up..~ Lol…~

So I surf the website again during the 2nd day of sales…~ O__O!! Spotted tt french wallet again…~ Waaa sia… faster chiong & whack off…~ XD Placed my order… den aft awhile received an email update from the seller that item purchased le.. but can’t 100% confirm yet since KS sample sales items gt very limited stocks.. only can cfm aft the parcels were shipped out few days ltr…~ Hmm… so abt 2-4 days ltr received another email update… yea…! Gd news… my item cfm liao le… hehehe… so happy…~ XD

This is wad I gotten during the sales..~
Item Name:
Kate Spade Cornelia Street Noel Lisa
Colour: Metallic/Black (aka MET/BLK)
Price: USD49 (Retail Price: USD145)

with its cozy restaurants and famed café, this tiny treasure of a
manhattan street inspired this sporty chic foldover wallet in noel
printed cotton jacquard. this sleek, new french purse style has plenty
of pockets for credit cards, loose change and taxi receipts, for
tallying at the end of the month.


  • Style: PWRU1089
  • Colour: Met/Black
  • Cotton jacquard noel french purse wallet
  • Crinkled patent cowhide trimming
  • 14-karat light gold plated hardware
  • 4″h x 4.9″w

My first item bought from Kate Spade website & so here’s mine..~ ^^v

Kate Spade Box

Kate Spade Box (Top View)

Kate Spade Cornelia Street Noel Lisa (MET/BLK)

Kate Spade Cornelia Street Noel Lisa (MET/BLK)

Kate Spade Care Card & Price Tag~

The french wallet was slightly bigger compared to my previous wallet nor.. at 1st I tot will be similar size base on the webby pic..~ Hahah… inside gt alot card slots, 1 id card slot, 2 bill slots & also gt coins slot at another side.. this 1 best sia..! Size was bigger than my previous de.. so nw I can easily take out those damn coins le, no need to dig/search until like mad like last time.. LOL..~ Total paid abt $87 including item price + shipment fee + postage + handling fee..~ Overall the quality was excellent & very well-made…! For the super discounted price that I’ve paid is like so totally worth it nah..!! Yea..! I kpo & googled ard… saw on9 ppls selling for abt $150-$200+ for it… nt sure hw much izzit retail in our local boutique… hmmm…~

Time to change my wallet..~
^-^v Tadaa..!


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