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The Body Shop Atrium Sales~

01 July 2010

Went to lot1 to find something nor… den while on the way spotted TBS atrium sales…~ Yea!! XD Hahaha… too bad the thing I wanna get de at watsons don’t have lo.. so jiu went to check out the TBS atrium sales… heheheh… this time the sales area was much bigger & gt more products compared to last year atrium sales nor… so ended up with 4 travel size body lotions (4 for $10) & also 2 travel size spa wisdom africa shea butter & sesame oil body balm 50ml (2 for $10). Yea…!! Den aft tt jiu went to take mrt to outram nor… hehehhe.. caused meeting my frenz over there… ^^ Hmmm…. next we jiu went to our so called "Paradise Land aka Chinatown" LOL..!! Den browse here & there jiu bought our stuffs nor… hehehhe… I total spent abt $19++ for 5 items..~

Next leh… ard 8pm  jiu went to vivo city nor.. 1st went to makan dinner.. if nt ltr shop till very late den gt nth 2 eat/need to makan damn fast…~ So today straight went to eat first lo… we makan burger king… yummy..~ Den hao le.. jiu went to shop ard den went to daiso nor.. total bought 7 items… 3 items are tidbits.. hahahah… =x By the time we shop finished alrdy 10pm le.. most of the shops alrdy closed le… heng Zara nt close yet.. so we went in to see see lo…. eewww…. because of sales the shop so messy sia… =/ den nth much to buy also.. since most of the stuffs still so exp nor even aft discount… so we jiu went to take mrt & went back home..~ Reach home abt 11pm+ ba….~

While bathing……. saw my left foot skin peeling off…!! O.O" No wonder while walking kinda feel abit weird weird + abit pain de nor… hahahhaha…

Loots of the day…..~~

The Body Shop Atrium Sales 2010 @ Lot1 Shopping Mall

Spa Wisdom Africa Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm (50ml)- 2 for $10 Red heart
Travel size body lotion –> 4 for $10
Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion (60ml) x 2
Love Etc Body Lotion (60ml)
Pink Grapefruit Body Puree Lotion (60ml)


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