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2 Parcels in a Day~ (Updated)

Hehehhe….. today woke up early caused I think the postman will lai nor… hahahha… so ard 9am jiu wake up le… den ard 10.10am the postman jiu lai le.. ^^ Tis time special sia.. nt the usual malay lady postman but is a chinese lady postman wor… hahhahaha…. so happy to receive the iHerb loots…~ ^^

Den aft tt jiu do my own stuff + do housework… den ard 2pm jiu started playing PSP… yeahoo…~ Monster Hunter wo lai le… XD Hmmm…~ Ard 3pm+ suddenly heard someone knocking my door..?! ?__? Dunno is who sia… look like some sales ppl… but heck care la.. so I just opened the door… =/ Is the chinese lady postman again… a…..??? Another parcel again sia… =x So jiu signed the form & take the parcel…. den I see the parcel jiu knew is my Amazon loot lai de…!! Yea…!! Waited damn long sia.. nearly 1mth…. >__< Finally gotten my chinchilla plush…!! Aft tt jiu went back continue my game lo…~ XD Craps shit…!!! Quest failed… caused of the 2pid monster + my bullet nt enough…. nb de…! damn crappy…!! Angry

Loots of the day..~

iHerb loots~

Left: Nutiva, Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin, 15 oz (426 g)
Price in USD: 9.60
Middle: Avalon Organics, Lemon Clarifying Shampoo with Shea Butter, 11 fl oz
Price in USD: 5.90
Right: Nature’s Way, Vitex Fruit, 400 mg, 100 Capsules
Price in USD: 4.87

Yuppie..! Total paid abt $40 for my items including the shipment fee, postage fee & etc nor.. heng gt extra 10% discount nor.. if nt have to pay abit more.. heheh.. have been taking the Vitex fruit vitamin since I received the loots nor… hopefully gt miracle nah..!! Hehehe… the other 2 items still haven try yet… will post reviews once I tested them.. ^^

Next is my Amazon  loot~

Kawaii chinchilla 8" Plush~ <3<3!! Red heart
Price in USD: 6.96
Price: S$17.69[ Item price + shipment fee + postage + handling fee]

So kawaii nah..~ Soft soft & furry…~ XD
Side View

Front View

Side view

Side View

This plush looks the most alike to chinchilla.. so ended up choosing this lo… the rest of the plushie I searched hor.. either look like kns/don’t look like the real chinchilla/look freaky ugly/damn expensive & look crappy~ Lol..~ So overall leh.. this 1 look the best of all.. also the price is the most cheapest of the rest. & with the highest positive customer reviews..!! XD Yea yea..!! Feel so fluffy soft. nah.. plush is handmade in China..~ ^^ <3<3<3!! Red heart


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