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Beauty Care Loots~

24 May 2010

Went out today with my frenz & bought all this back…~ XD Meet-up my frenz at chinatown… but den I was late… =p ard 7pm den reach there…. den we bought all our stuffs le jiu went to bugis nor… shop for awhile den jiu have our dinner nor…. ard 10pm den we leave the place jiu went to take mrt back home nor… hehhehe…~

Here’s my loots for the day..~Left: Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath (500ml)
Price: $3.60
Middle: Hada Labo Arubutin Whitening Milk (140ml)
Price: $22.90
Right: New Asience Inner Rich Conditioner (530ml)
Price: $9.90

Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath (500ml)

Rating: 5/5 Stars!
Review: Absolutely in love with the scent sia & also everything it does…. smell damn heavenly…!!!!  Red heartHada Labo Arubutin Whitening Milk (140ml)

Review: Hmmm… just tested out ytd night only.. so cant give much review/rating.. but so far its great nor… my face feel so soft & hydrate when I woke up the next day..~ No breakouts so far… will continue to use it..~ Price reasonable also… heheheh…~ Do look out for tis brand when you’re at watsons..~ ^^


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