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New Asience Samples~

21 May 2010

Received another weird letter again… tis time leh.. inside the letter is the new Asience samples which I’ve requested during March de nor… yea…!! XD Tried it for 2 days nor.. since the samples size only can last me for 2 usage..  hmmm….. the new formula is much much better than their old version de.. last time I tried their older version shampoo.. used le hair still kinda dry lo.. ended up still need to use the conditioner.. tis new formula de shampoo feel gd sia… can don need use conditioner.. but den I still prefer to use la… hahahhaa.. end up the result was gd nah…!!

Here’s the Asience samples..~

Asience Inner Rich Samples Set

Asience Inner Rich Shampoo & Conditioner (15ml each)

*Rating: 4/5 Stars
Hehehhe…. quite like the conditioner.. so went to bought it..~ XD


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