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Avon Spree Loots~

Yea Yea…!!! Finally received my Avon loots le… hehhehe….

Today woke up at 9.25am nor.. den ard 9.30am jiu heard someone knocking my door & saying SingPost + my name.. O.O"" OMG!! Its the postman…!! WTF?! Today super early sia.. caused normally my area is always 10.30-11am de nor.. so I quickly go open my door sia.. if nt jiu gone case liao..~ XD Hahahha… Den jiu saw the postman standing outside my door.. hehehhe.. heng she haven walk away sia.. den signed the form jiu tada got my parcel.. ^^ Can say I’m quite a regular customer of SingPost ba.. hahahha.. think even the postman also can rmb my name liao le… I started my online shopping think since 2007 ba.. at 1st is just only at yahoo sg auction de nor.. den think end 2007 or 2008 they jiu closed down their auction system.. -.-" Den from 2008 I jiu jump to joining LJ sprees… jiu till now lo………………~ LOL Tongue outTongue out

Alright.. here’s my loots of the day..~

My Avon spree loots..~ Hehehhe… ^^

Avon SKIN SO SOFT Soft & Sensual Replenishing Body Lotion Bonus Size (1Litre)
Price: USD5.99 (U.P USD12)
Price: S$11.43 (Included item price + shipment fee)
Damn BIG SIZE..!! Dunno when den can use finish sia..~ X_X

Avon MOISTURE THERAPY Intensive Treatment Extra Strength Cream – New Packaging (150g)
Price: USD2.89 (U.P USD6)
Price: S$6.78 (Included item price + shipment fee)

The pump dispenser which comes with the SKIN SO SOFT body lotion..~
So special sia.. they separate their pump dispenser..~ 

Heeheheh… so far only tested the MOISTURE THERAPY Intensive Treatment Extra Strength Cream… hmmm.. smell pleasant somehow abit similar to Nivea cream scent nor.. the cream feel quite thick but heng not oily nor.. den I tried to wash off with tap water.. hand still feel soft & smooth.. not sticky wor.. nt bad nah..  ^^

Gonna update again once I tested them for awhile.. pray no allergys reaction sia..!! >_<


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