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Loots of the day~

08 May 2010

Went out today to orchard to meet up with my frenz.. hehhe.. hmm… reach far east ard 2.15pm ba.. den jiu wait for my frenz lo.. ard 2.30pm den she arrived.. den aft tt we jiu went to far east shop ard.. too bad outside raining heavily so we stuck inside for awhile more..~ Hmmm..~ think ard 4pm the rain jiu stop le.. so next we jiu went to Ion orchard.. yayyay!! XD Went to Prologue to get the L’officiel Singapore May issue caused the freebie comes with the Ed.Pinaud Eyeshadow(worth $75)…~ Yea..~ Previously I only gotten 4 colour out of the 5 colours available nor.. so today went there to check whether gt the brown eyeshadow anot.. hehehhe… damn lucky to find dao the brown eyeshadow sia.. so happy..~ Hmmm..~ Think the brown eyeshadow I gotten de is the last piece ba.. but I dunno they’ll replenish their stocks anot.. the magazine cost $5.90..~ Den my frenz gt tempted also.. she bought the magazine which comes with the white eyeshadow de.. hahhaha… Yea yea..!! Shop for awhile den ard 6pm+ we jiu left Ion orchard den went to Taka..~

Kino wo lai le… hahhaha..~ =x Saw so many ladies crowding the Japanese magazines sia.. Haiyoo…~ Spotted Comptiq May issue magazine which I wanted it since Mon.. but too bad the shipment got delayed & was postpone to Tue due to Labour day nor.. so heng still gt stocks sia.. hehehhe… Den grabbed the magazine le jiu went ard browsing lo.. wooottt….!! Spotted the famous Fred Perry E-mook… no wonder so many ladies crowding over there la.. nw I know why le.. hahhaha… bought comptiq & fred perry e-mook… ended up my frenz also bought the fred perry e-mook too.. hahhaha… so hard to resist the temptation nah..!! XD Let’s get the poison going…~~ Open-mouthed Hmmm…. ard 7pm+ we jiu went over to Raffles City nor.. den we went to dorothy perkins shop for awhile lo.. next jiu went to Marina Square.. shop here & there..~ My legs aching like jelly sia..~ @__@ Went to zara.. but keep smelling a very nice scent at every corner we went nor.. so curious go find gt any perfume anot.. hahaha.. den jiu spotted some perfumes displayed at the counter nor.. hmmm.. overall some smell quite nice nor.. price was pretty reasonable.. the 1 we both like cost $29.90 for 50ml.. price quite reasonable hor..?! Next jiu shop for a gift for Mother’s Day nor.. Ended up buying a small dog picture coin pouch for my mama… hahhaha…~ Den ard 9pm+ we jiu went to food court makan our dinner lo… soooo tired sia…!! Already half dead le.. the cleaners at the food court quite attitude sia… argh..!! But I’m still alright with them la.. my advise is next time try not to go there makan… if die die wan go there best go earlier nor.. don’t go there aft 9.30pm ar..~ If not sure c those attitude cleansers again..!  Though I find the korea bbq chicken set taste quite yummy, the kimchi looks damn spicy but actually it doesn’t taste spicy at all.. Hmmm.. we ard 10pm+ jiu makan finished & went to take mrt lo.. but my frenz was gonna meet up with her frenzs.. so I’m taking the train alone..~ So boring sia.. but den I’m alrdy used to it liao le… <_<

During the journey back.. think gt something happened ba.. at Braddell station the train stop for awhile lo.. den I saw alot of ppls crowding at the next area & den some mrt staffs came inside… hmmm.. wondering wad happen sia.. hahahha… den at the next station Bishan, jiu saw the staffs holding onto a aunt lo.. maybe she’s feeling unwell?! Hmm.. dunno la.. hahahha..~ =x Ard 11pm+++ jiu reach cck… den ard 12am jiu reach home..~

Comptiq Magazine (May 2010 Issue)
Price: $27.50
The freebie which comes with Comptiq May 2010 Issue
Miku-Kagami Pillow Case Packaging

Tada…~ Miku-Kagami Pillow Case
The real look of the kawaii pillow case..!

Review: OMG!!! This is the first time a anime magazine give out such a nice quality freebie sia.. caused normally they give those B2 size posters/ small size file or etc.. but this is the first time ever..!! A pillow case freebie nah..!! Quality is real good man.. material is satin.. feel so softttt…~ XD The picture look so glossy.. so nice nah…!! And with those pinky sakura flower design.. absolutely gorgeous!! Among all those anime magazines I’ve bought previously.. I can said THIS IS THE BEST EVER ANIME FREEBIE I GOTTEN..!! Lol..~  Die die MUST GET!! If not later confirm regret..!! XD
Material: Satin with glossy effect
Rating: 5/5 Stars!! [MUST GET!!]

Fred Perry Summer 2010 Collection Mook
Price: $28.70

* Forgotten to take the picture of the tote bag… hahahha.. but overall quality is good.. canvas material… the size is big & roomy enough..~ XD Heard its SOLD OUT alrdy at all kino outlets.. so scary sia.. it was sold out within a few hours..! @_@
Material: Canvas
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

A surprise & belated birthday present given from a frenz of mine..~
Chip & Dale Glass Mug

Hehhe… Arigatou nah..!! So kawaii..!! ^-^


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