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Precious Moments Photo Frame~

14 April 2010

Went to raffles city with pei si nor.. shop ard here & there nor.. den we went to Precious Thots.. hhehe.. caused I am searching for a photo frame for my longmao de nor.. ^^ Hmmm.. found 1 glass photo frame nt bad de.. aft tt we jiu went to dorothy nor… den pei si bought sum pants.. aft tt we jiu went to citylink.. over there’s gt another precious thots outlet too!! Yay yay!! So went in see see again.. overall gt 2 photo frames I like.. 1 is the glass photo frame & the another 1 is a metal material with bear & stars engraving photo frame nor.. didn’t buy them caused I was still hoping to find a nicer & better 1 de nor.. den we jiu went to marina square nor.. shop here & there.. went to dorothy again.. den pei si bought sum pants again..~ Hmmm… think total she bought 2 pants & 2 shorts ba.. if I’m not wrong.. total damage for her shd b $120+.. den went to the 3rd precious thots outlets.. hahhaha… hmmm.. the stocks of photo frames they’ve quite similar with the 2 outlets nor.. but too bad.. don’t have I wan de nor.. so we went back to citylink nor.. -______-" Craps shit.. the bears & stars engraving photo frame I wan de no stock liao le.. left only the display set… >__< Alright nvm.. so went to raffles city outlet to get the glass photo frame instead & also trying my luck again lo… =__________________="" Nb de.. also same case.. no stock only left the display set.. wa kaoz..!! Angry

So bo bian.. jiu went to orchard nor.. I rmb Ion orchard also gt 1 outlet there.. so went over there & try my luck again… >____< Sian sian sian…!!! Also the same case lo… wtf?!?! Den I bo bian.. jiu browse ard & bought 1 more exp de lo.. >_< Total damage $31.90.. hahaha… but nvm la.. for the design & quality is worth it de..!! Yay yay!! XD Den we jiu went to kino for awhile.. ard 8pm+ jiu went to take bus back lot1 lo.. reach home abt 9pm++…

So hungryyyyyyyyyyy sia…….~~~~

Precious Moments Photo Frame (Love One Another)
Price: $31.90

The exact photo frame~

Box Packaging..~


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