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Singapore Tatler with L’occitane Freebie~

10 April 2010

Bought Singapore Tatler magazine which comes with the L’occitane freebie(worth $38.90, if I’m not wrong ba =p) at kino nor.. hehhe.. price for the magazine was $8. XD Still hunting for a unique photo frame for my longmao nor.. hmmm..~ So far precious moments & hallmarks de photo frames look much more nicer & better in terms of quality & also much suit my taste.. hahahha..~ But I’ll still continue to hunt for 1 nice nice & I like de.. hehhe…

Singapore Tatler Magazine
Price: $8

The Freebie!!!

L’occitane Olive Travel Set

From left: L’occitane Olive Golden Branch Soap (75g)
Middle: L’occitane Olive Radiance Cleansing Foam (50ml)
Right: L’occitane Olive Luminous Body Cream (15ml)
The freebies smell soo olive…~~ XD

Thanks all for your concern..!
I’m feeling much more better now~ ^-^

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