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R.I.P My Beloved Baby..~

Dear all,

Got a very very sad news to share.. my longmao/ chinchilla aka Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛)
just passed away on 4 April 2010. Died due to illness nor.. haiz.. she gotten a bad illness which is hard to cure.. so no choice got to see her suffer.. already try my best to take care of her le.. no wonder I can feel something was kinda weird yesterday while cleaning her cage, grooming her & also hand bath her myself nor since she toooo weak already..~~ Super duper sad case to see her suffering like that.. T_____T But I keep checking her once in awhile to see if she still ok anot lo.. think ard 1am jiu saw her lying down motionless…~~~ Haiz…!!! Take her out & keep sayang her…~~ Ended up crying & crying.. T__T Cant help much la.. I bet I cfm feel damn sad & emo for a very long time.. hopefully times can heal my sadness..~ 

Have been feeling damn emo for a very very long time…~~~ T____T Gonna send her for cremation tml morning..~ Will update again..~

Here’s a picture of Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛)~ Red heart

Name: Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛)
Birth Date: 06 December 2002
Death Date: 04 April 2010 (Sunday)
Age: 7 years 3 months old +
Place of Birth: USA
Color: Standard Grey
Sex: Female

Bought her during Christmas eve or Christmas day on 2003 nor..~ She been living with us since then..~~

R.I.P MY BELOVED Baby/ Xiaomao (小毛) & SORRY to let you keep suffering the pain illness..~
I’ll Red heart YOU & MISS YOU 4EVER..!!


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