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Can Cam Magazine (May 2010 Issue)

25 March 2010

Woke up at around 8.30am nor.. caused later need to meet up with pei si at 11am.. hmmm.. reach there at about 11.45am.. hahha.. caused I got stomachache suddenly.. lol~ Den aft tt we jiu went to orchard lo.. reach orchard ard 12.30pm+ ba.. 1st jiu went to Kino~~ Hmm.. browsing ard den at abt 1.45pm the staffs jiu busy shelving out those new arrival magazines nor.. while walking over there hor.. can saw few ppls crowding the area sia.. hahha.. kaisu Singaporean..~ Den I also saw some ladies grabbing lots of copies of the magazines sia.. I believed some of them must be those online seller.. who grabs lots of copies & den resell it at a insane price.. knn de!! Angry

Alright.. enough of my ranting.. hahaha.. I end up buying Can Cam may issue magazine, price at $19.30 for air shipment.. caused the gift with purchase aka GWP is a Marc Jacobs heart lunch tote bag nor.. hahhaa.. XD But somehow went I reached home to take a look at the stuff I ended up kinda regretted buying it sia.. T__T As for pei si nah.. she bought alot sia.. 3 different type of magazines.. Can Cam, Spring with a agnes b bag (white blue stripes) & another dunno wad name magazine with a winne the pooh eco bag~ Think her total damage was around $50 ba.. hahha.. den aft tt we jiu went to kfc for some snack & drinks lo.. aft tt leh.. jiu went to watsons den shop awhile le jiu went back kino check check awhile.. hahhaha.. saw gt plenty of stacks of magazines nor.. alot alot of stacks for those super popular magazines.. den pei si spotted the steady march issue magazine.. damn lucky sia.. hahha..  ended up she also bought tt magazine nor.. so her total damage ended up become ard $60+.. lol~ Deep poison sia..! XD

Next leh.. we jiu went to paragon for awhile.. den ard 4pm++ jiu take 190 went back lot1 nor.. reach lot1 abt 5pm like tt nor.. den shop for awhile jiu den go NTUC.. caused I need to buy rolled oats.. hahahha.. shiok sia.. bought 1 packet damn cheap de.. think is $2++ for a 750g pack.. hahahha.. XD Aft tt bought dinner frm kfc nor.. heheheh.. & some other snacks jiu went back home le~ ^^

Can Cam Magazine (May 2010 issue) with Marc Jacobs Heart Lunch Tote Bag (GWP)
Price: $19.30 (Air Shipment)

Marc Jacobs Heart Lunch Tote Bag (GWP) with the plastic charm~

* The size is much more smaller than my previous post about the agnes b white lunch tote bag de.. GWP from steady march issue 2010 nor.. material wise is nylon.. the logo gt some glittery on it also.. hmm.. don’t think I’ll use it ba.. too small liao le..~ >_<
Rating: 3/5 Stars


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