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Steady Magazine (March 2010 Issue)

Yea!! Just gotten my Steady March 2010 issue magazine with the Agnes B. white lunch tote bag ytd.. ^^ Got it a little exp compared to buying it from Kino nor.. caused still need to pay postage fee.. hahah.. gt mine for around $20 including item cost, shipping fee & postage fee.. Kino selling at $17.50 for sea shipping.. not sure the price for air shipment.. but shd b cheaper a bit than mine ba.. =x

Loot of the day..~

Steady March 2010 Issue

The freebies with the magazine~
Agnes B. Lunch Tote Bag (Cream white color)
Agnes B. Small Pouch
Agnes B. Red Heart Keychain

The material is made of canvas.. heheehe.. overall quality is not bad.. now can use it for short shopping near my hse area le.. yea!! ^-^v


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