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The Body Shop Warehouse Sales @ Suntec!! (TBS 2010)

Went to The Body Shop Warehouse Sales at Suntec yesterday evening.. OMG!!! Super crowded everywhere sia.. I guess is probably due to the IT show going on ba.. tts why so crowded nor.. meet swee yin 6.15pm at city hall.. hmmm.. think ard 6.20 or 6.25pm den she reach ba.. aft tt we jiu straight went to the sales nor.. hahaha.. reach the place ard 6.35-6.40pm like tt ba.. WAAA!! Inside also so crowded.. but who cares so much la.. caused is SALES time!! Yea yea!!! Time to shop~~ Some ppls are quite fierce sia.. pushing & shoving ard.. x_x Also quite hard to squeeze in to see the products nor.. when we first enter the place.. is just went 1 round see the stuffs & grab a few only lo.. hahhaha.. den 2nd round onwards leh.. I jiu keep hanging ard the "Special Buy" & "Bath & Body" sections.. saw those travel size shower gel.. den I smell which 1 nice jiu dump inside my shopping bag..~ Den saw the old spa wisdom range.. yea..!! Price really reasonable so I jiu grab 2 & dump inside shopping bag again nor.. den my frenz spy the "Skincare" & "Accessorize" sections.. the "Makeup" section crowds was madness..~ XD

Ended up.. my frenz grabbed 2 bath lily & 2 facial wash for the 1st few rounds.. as for me leh.. I grab alot la.. ~ Alamak.. self-control failed at tt time..!! =x Spend awhile sorting my stuffs out.. OMG & WTH??!! I grabbed so much for… -__-" So ended up.. I keep the spa wisdom items, some travel size shower gel, full size mango body butter & full size cherry blossom body butter & dump some travel size shower gel & shampoo away lo.. hehehhe.. den jiu continue spying for our last final round..~ ^^ My frenz spotted the travel size cherry blossom body butter…~ YEA!! Damn happy sia.. cos the price for the travel size body butter is 2 for $10 ma..  den for the full size is $16.90 nor.. of cos take the travel size de ma.. hahha.. so I dump off the full size cherry blossom body butter & also the mango body butter..~ See.. told u I grab too much liao le.. T__T Ok… den I spotted the travel size cherry blossom shower gel…!! OMG!! So hard to spot sia.. I think they replenish their stocks quite late sia.. from 6pm+ to 7pm+ I didn’t saw any travel size cherry blossom nor.. I think is only around 8pm den I spotted them de ba.. yea!! So happy.. den my frenz end up grab another 2 more bath lily.. hahhaa.. we double check our items again & also checking whether gt left out any stuff we didn’t get anot.. alright.. check done le.. next we jiu process to cashier nor.. woot~~ Payment queue damn long sia..~~ From 8.25pm or 8.30pm we queue until 8.45pm or 8.50pm like tt ba… X__X My total damage about $74.. as for my frenz is about $30.. T__T

Aft tt leh.. we jiu went for another 2 sales nor.. Blehx..!! The sales event so small.. totally waste my time.. ard 9pm++ den we went to have our dinner at foodcourt.. Kfc & burger king flooded with ppls..~ Too bad..~ >__< Ard 10pm den we went to Carrefour.. heng haven close yet.. hahaha.. gotten my dove cumber body mist & some breads jiu went to pay nor.. Next we jiu on our way back home..~ ^-^ Reach home abt 12am+~

Here’s my loots from body shop sales & Carrefour~

[Top Row from left]
Dove GoFresh Cucumber Body Mist 89ml- $8.95 from Carrefour
Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Rich Body Balm 200ml- $16.90 [U.P $39.90]
Spa Wisdom on a High Hydrating Puree 250ml- $16.90 [U.P $29.90]

[Middle Row from left]
Travel size Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter x 2
Travel size Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel x 4

[Last Row from left]
[Last Row: Mango, Pink Grapefruit, White Musk, Love Etc, Passion Fruit, Satsuma, Honey Shampoo, Honey Conditioner]

*Price: Travel size body butter 50ml x 2 (2 for $10)
*Price: Travel size shower gel 60ml x 10 (4 for $10)
*Price:Travel size hair shampoo/conditioner 60ml x 2 (4 for $10)
** Able to mix & match for the 4 for $10 shower gel/shampoo/ conditioner.

My frenz buy list:
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser 150ml- $12.90 [U.P $19.90]
Aloe Gentle Facial Wash 125ml- $12.90 [U.P $19.90]
Bath Lily x 4 (2 for $2)

Overall leh.. as this is my first time visiting body shop warehouse sales.. I think is really WORTH GOING!! XD At least it’s soooo sooo much more better compared to the stupid L’oreal sales la..~ Lol~ =x

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

End..~ ^-^v


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