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Jill Stuart Night Jewel EDT (50ml)

Woke up super early today.. around 8.30am+ nor.. caused my stomach felt very air bloated since yesterday night when I reached home & some more weather damn hot so can’t sleep nor~  Around 10.35am the postman jiu came knocking my door.. WEEE!! Here comes my Jill Stuart parcel..~ XD Been waiting & wanted it for awhile le.. now finally gotten it feel SUPER HAPPY sia!!

Den I carefully & slowly unwrapped it..

OMG!! Everything look so absolutely stunning & gorgeous sia..~ The packaging box & the EDT bottle is well made IMHO.. total of 8 authentic Swarovski crystals on the top cap with engraving of Jill Stuart on both side of the lower cap.. as for scent wise.. I really cant describe it so well.. but it smell kinda like floral + musky + woody scent..~ Not overly sweet.. hehhe.. ^^

Scents described from the main website~

Top Note: Tiara, Italian Bergamot, Morrocan Neroli, Green Tea

Middle Note: Night-blooming Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, White Rose, Turkish Rose, Rose De Mai

End Note: Solar Musk, Vanilla, Peach, Wood

Here’s the pic of the JS Night Jewel EDT from the main website~

& here’s my real life pics of the Jill Stuart Night Jewel EDT (50ml)~

[Taken without flash]

[Taken without flash]
Closer View

[Taken with flash]

[Taken with flash]
I ♥ this pic sia..~ The diamond like cover cap look so SPARKLING!!

[Taken with flash]
The top view of the diamond like cover cap with the logo J on the center~
<3<3<3!!! XD

[Taken without flash]
Packaging Box~

Received a free sample from the seller~
Jill Stuart Hydro-Filler I


Yuppie!! End of my review~~ ^-^v

{Let’s spread the BELOVED POISON ard..!! Wahahah..~ XD}


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