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Asos & iHerb Loots!

Yea..!! Just gotten my iherb.com spree loots.. hehehhe.. heard from the organiser that 1 of my item leaked nor.. caused the cap not sealed properly.. alamak~ But anyway I managed to clean up the bottle & re-sealed the cap back tightly.. so not much leakage.. think just a little bit only ba.. ^^

Went to lot1 few days ago to buy my chinchilla hay nor.. heheh.. & also restock The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter.. U.P $29.90 but got promo so become $9.90 only!! Can save 60% nah.. yea!! Tried & tested before I went to restock, so far no skin allergy so went to stock up nor.. if not hor.. pay $29.90 like not so worth it sia..

Also went to pre-order the nanoha & fate big plush from Broccoli at kknm last Sat.. burn 1 hole in my wallet again..~ T____T

Here’s my loots~ XD

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter 200ml- Bought at $9.90 each [U.P$29.90]
Korres Jasmine Showergel 250ml- Bought for £5.60 [U.P £7] *Got 20% discount code XD
Jason Natural, Vitamin E Oil 5,000 I.U. Pure Beauty Oil, 4 fl oz (125 ml)- USD 4.73
Now Foods, Evening Primrose Oil, 4 fl oz (118 ml)  – USD12.13Yuppie!! Gonna try all those new stuffs & the evening primrose oil for my eczema skin.. heheh.. hopefully its help~  ^-^


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