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Loots for the day!

This few days busy spring cleaning so neva update my blog nor.. heheheh… =x

12 January 2010

Went out with pei si nor.. first nah.. went to orchard.. bought Laneige
water bank hydro gel with isetan vouchers nor.. heheh.. finally used up
the vouchers le.. if not very soon will expired nor.. also top-up
another $20 cause the laneige hydro gel cost $50.. heheh.. joined their
membership since free ma.. hahhaha… =x Den aft tt went to kino bought
1 magazine nor.. lancome gwp nah.. YEA! Den makan mac for our dinner
lo.. hhehe.. also gotten the doraemon sheep… XD

23 January 2010

out with swee yin.. hehhee.. first leh.. we went to chinatown nor..
bought Essential Rich Premier Hair Mask, Dove Gentle Exfoliating Facial
Wash & Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner.. XD Den my frenz bought a
vaseline hand cream.. hahah… Aft tt we jiu went to orchard nor.. shop
ard.. think shop until quite late ba.. ard 8pm+ den makan dinner..
makan mac again.. cos need to get the doraemon cow for my brother lo..
I wan my doraemon cupid la. >__< So gt info frm the manager tt
perhaps lucky plaza still gt stock.. yea.. maybe gt hope le..~ Den aft
tt wanna go bodyshop get something de.. but too bad 9pm+ le.. closed
liao.. >__< Next jiu went to lucky plaza.. heng sia.. really gt
the doraemon cupid.. so bought mcflurry.. stomach so bloated sia.. X__X
Next jiu went to 313.. wanna go F21 de.. also too bad la.. late le.. so
cant go in.. den shop awhile jiu take bus 190 nor.. frm 10.25pm wait
until 10.55pm.. hahhaha.. long story.. XD

**Forgot to take pic of the doraemon cow & cupid.. =p

29 January 2010

Finally received my Tony Moly loots from gmarket spree le.. hehehhe..
actually ytd jiu shd got it de.. but I missed out the postman lo.. =x

1. Tony Moly Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Pack (80ml)- US$10.91 [SGD15.82]

2. Tony Moly Tomato Tomatox Brightening Mask (70g)- US$7.09 [SGD10.28]

3. Tony Moly Apple Appletox Massage Peeling Cream (80g)- US$8 [SGD11.60]

4. Free mask.. XD

Yea..!! Kawaii tomato & green apple..~ Gonna get the peach & orange too..!! LOL~ Will post reviews soon ba..~ ^-^


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