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Brand New Year~

25 December 2009

Went to my ah ma house makan steamboat during x’mas day lo.. quite special hor? Caused other ppls celebrate x’mas is either makan turkey/log cake & etc.. but mine is makan steamboat.. -__-" Very sian……~~~~ Overall only gt 2 words.. MISSION FAILED..! =x Ard 9pm++ den reach home.. so sian 1/2.. reached home den saw my hands gt a few red spots majiam rashes like tt de.. haiz.. dunno allergy to simi shit again… maybe the sofa, seafood,dust?? Aiya.. wadever craps la..! Also gt took some funni pics of my fat dog aka mickey..~ =p

Mickey "guarding the bird"~

Mickey staring at the bird~ [Fed up mood]

2 January 2010

Weee…! Saw 1 pair of couple birds opposite of my block de window..~ Pretty yellow birds..~ XD

Yellow Birds~ [Part 1]

Yellow Birds~ [Zoom in view]

Yellow Birds~ [Part 2]

Yellow Birds~ [Part 3]

Yellow Birds~ [Part 4]

Hehehe… end of couple birds pic le..~

Happy 2010..!! ^-^v


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