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Coca Cola Caravan Pack~

23 December 2009

Today leh.. went out with pei si nor.. first leh.. went to post office mailed out 1 parcel den aft tt went to take mrt to chinatown nor.. hmmm.. reach there abt 3pm+ ba.. den she bought some snacks & we went to swantsons, ocean & ley wah..~ XD Cos I was looking for dove body lotion ma.. tot swantsons gt but they don’t have the one I wan de.. so went to ocean & finally saw the dove gofresh cool moisture body lotion I wan de.. hehehe.. cucumber & green tea scent.. 400ml cost $4.80..~ YUPPIE..! Also bought my Neutrogena pore refining toner.. cost $11.30 XD Wanna buy tt dove beauty body silk cream de.. cos I read reviews is pretty gd but end up neva buy nor.. mayb next time den buy ba.. lol~

Aft tt I also went bought some breads.. at 1st try abit den think quite yummy.. so went back & bought another 1.. hahha..~ =x Aft tt jiu take mrt to orchard lo.. waaa siaaa…. freaking crowded sia.. majiam weekend like tt soo crowded.. OMG! Reach orchard ard 4pm++.. den went to Ion for awhile.. den jiu went to shaw house.. cos I wanna redeem the coca cola caravan pack lo.. saw 1 big coca cola lorry outside.. den went to check it out.. saw a few ppls queuing nor.. so I also joined the queue.. think only waited for 5mins or wad lo.. jiu my turn le.. wrote some personal info den can collect le.. wee~ Super heavy.. -____-" Cos hor.. inside gt 2 x 1.5 Litres bottles (1.5L Coca Cola & 1.5L Coca Cola Zero) Kaoz.. carry until my hands gonna break le.. den went to Ion. pei si bought some snacks le.. jiu went to take mrt back to cck..~ Hmmm… reach cck ard 6pm++ den we went to makan our dinner.. Yummy the korean BBQ hotplate..~ Total cost $8.10 for a set & a drink nor.. overall quite okay la.. aft tt bought some snacks jiu went back home nor.. heheheh..~ ^-^v

Coca Cola Caravan Pack 2009 (Side View)

Coca Cola Caravan Pack (Front View)

The freebies inside the pack~

1. Coca cola 2010 calender
2. 2 x Coca Cola Ice trays
3. 4 x Coca Cola Coasters
4. 4 x Coca Cola Stirrers
5. 1 x 1.5L Coca Cola [Not inside the pic]
6. 1 x 1.5L Coca Cola Zero [Not inside the pic]

Closer view~

The back view of the ice trays..~ Can make lots of coca cola shape ice cubes sia..~ LOL! XD

Dove GoFresh, Cool Moisture (Cucumber & Green Tea Scent, 400ml)
Price: $4.80 at Ocean
Review: Hmmm.. just tried it ytd nite nor.. so far so gd.. I love the cooling sensation sia..~ Damn shiok ar!! The cooling sensation is slowly slowly lai de.. & can last quite long..~~ Shiok shiok..!! XD Compared to the garnier body lotion I bought previously, the cooling sensation didn’t last long.. is only when you apply den will feel the cooling sensation lo.. aft tt jiu nt cooling le.. >__< Will continue to use it.. see gt any allergy anot.. YUPPIE!! XD




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