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Happy & Moody~

19 December 2009

Today leh.. woke up at ard 10am nor.. den makan my breakfast, surf internet for awhile, pack my bag & go bath.. jiu went out take bus & meet pei si nor.. 1st stop we went to orchard.. cos she wanna go stage lo.. zzz~ During our bus trip.. raining quite heavily sia.. den aft tt went to stage le jiu went to isetan scotts.. cos I wanna c gt any gd sales anot.. but tt the ongoing sales events quite boring sia.. nth much to see also..

Next jiu went to bugis lo.. first went to bought some snacks.. I bought some sushi den pei si bought the otah snacks.. aft tt on our way to bencoolen.. I saw gt a few guys standing outside Fox shop nor.. u noe those ppls who hold a file with some papers or something de.. den will try to approach u den ask u to donate money to some unknown organization charity de lo.. I already tried to avoid them le.. but jiu suay suay still kana 1 guy.. told him not free le den aft tt I heard him scolding me fuk you.. WAA SIA..!! He tot I deaf ar izzit?! Fukin super ill-manner bastard sia.. no wonder nobody stop to listen to him/donate money la.. hahah.. SERVE U RITE FUKIN BASTARD..!! Angry Aft tt we jiu went to bencoolen lo.. den at 1 corner makan our snacks.. yum yum! Aft tt I bought bubble tea.. den also bought a fossil watch.. been wanting this watch for so longgg le.. finally bought it liao le.. feel so happy sia!! XD Consider a x’mas present bought for myself de ba.. ahahha..~ =x

Ard 4pm++ jiu meet-up wit ivy nor.. den we went to mos burger wait for elaine,mf & cw lo.. hmmm.. think ard 5pm or wad ba.. den elaine & mf arrived le.. didn’t wait for cw cos she will be late.. den we jiu went to makan our dinner at a dunno wad korean restaurant.. =p Hmm.. overall I think nt so worth it lo.. food wise.. I think the bbq meats still nt bad, 1-2 side dishes nt bad.. the rest CMI! Service wise.. when nt so crowded their service still quite okay de.. but when the crowds start coming in.. their service jiu became so slow wor.. slow until we ordered some side dishes also haven come den we give up.. settled for payment.. hahha.. total our bill cost $152 nor.. so each ppl ard $25.. I think the most wasted de is cw lo.. cos she ard 6pm+ den joined us.. we ard 7pm+ jiu leave the place le.. some more she eat little bit only.. =/ Aft tt we jiu pei elaine shop ard lo..~ Yawn! =x I only noe we stucked at stage for an hour~ ZzzzZzz~ Den went to iluma de duno wad ice-cream shop makan ice-cream.. ~ But I tt time so thirsty sia.. ard 11.30pm+ the staff jiu came over to tell us they closing soon le.. =p So we jiu leave the place nor.. heheh.. den tk mrt back to lot1.. -____-" The lim cui cui hor.. say stomach hungry.. asked me pei her go coffee shop makan supper.. but I tt time just feel like goin home.. bath & surf internet.. XD But I still pei her go ta bao her food jiu go take last bus back home with mf lo.. so tired & thirsty sia.. X__X

My loot of the day! <3<3!!

Fossil Watch..~ The metal tin box I choose myself de.. uncle so nice sia let us choose..~ XD

Closer look~

Retail price: $195
I bought at $136.. aft 30% discount nor.. save $59.. damn shiok! Been wanting this watch for damn long le~ YEA! Finally bought it for myself as a x’mas present..~ Hehehe.. ^-^v


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