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16 December 2009

Went out today with pei si.. cos we planning to get present for ivy lo.. 1st leh.. go stage.. den we jiu shop ard awhile aft tt went to isetan scotts.. OMG! I finally saw dao the fossil watch I wanted for so long at the fossil counter nor.. but tt too bad.. price at $195.. sum more tot gt sales but the sales is for isetan member de lo.. den I think the sales at most discounts 5-15% only de lo.. argh so exp! Blah..~ >__<

Next leh.. we jiu went to bugis.. den bought some otah snacks.. yummy snack but abit spicy la.. den went to bencoolen & I also bought bubble tea too.. bencoolen is famous for some of their shops which sell cheap & authentic watches de.. Hmmm..~ Aft brain damaging for awhile & chatting wit iv..~ We end up choosing tt adidas white watch with crystal bling bling for her nor.. ^^ [Tot my vote goes to another watch] Haha..~ Hopefully she will like it ba.. den I also saw the fossil watch I wan de.. YEA YEA!! Retail price is $195.. den aft discounts leh.. become $136.50[30% discount] Like tt can save abt $50++ when compared to fossil shop sia.. wahahaha.. but I haven buy yet.. maybe some other day ba.. I 100% guarantee will buy de..! LOL! XD

Den leh.. jiu went to kino for awhile.. aft tt jiu take mrt to vivo..~ At first wanna makan our dinner 1st de.. but too crowded le.. since ard 7pm like tt… so jiu went to daiso lo.. since I also lookin for empty bottle & findin another ceramic bowl for my longmao lo.. -.-" End up buyin a empty 500ml bottle & ice-cream waffle ceramic bowl nor.. heheeh..~ Aft tt jiu went makan our dinner at burger king.. yummy! Den went to watsons & ended up buying a dove travel kit nor.. den jiu went back home le..~ So tired sia..

** The new earphone make me vomit blood sia.. quite difficult to wear & abit pain also.. still prefer my old earphone..~ >_<


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