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Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Loots~

Yea..! Finally received my loots from Strapya World spree.. actually ytd shd have received it de.. but den the postman came too early liao la.. I ard 10am den woke up.. opened door jiu saw tt registered mail notice.. >__< Sian..! If at first I opt for normal mail.. last week jiu will receive liao lo.. grrr!

My Strapya World Loots!

All the above items r mine except for the evangelion earphone.. heheh.. ^^

**Also finally done with the spring cleaning on myspace.. heheh.. changed a new background image.. blog title also gt changed abit.. added some new features.. the major cleaning was on the picture albums lo.. I renamed it, added some new albums, den deleted some of the old albums, also re-arranged all the pictures into their new albums lo~ Now look so much better & neat sia.. hehhe.. feel so happy! XD

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