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Loots of the day!

Yea!! Received my drugstore.com loots on Saturday (12 December 2009).. Nature’s Bounty chewable vitamin c for my longmao de.. dunno which brand she will prefer sia.. Sunkist or Nature’s Bounty nah?!  Heng the expiry date also vv far away sia.. expired on 2012.. XD Hmmm.. I tried the de-luxe shea butter le.. still find it nt bad la.. just tt I nt so like the lavender scent lo.. =/ Got both of them during sales de.. wahhaha… =xMy drugstore.com loots~

1. De-luxe Shea Butter 100% Pure with Lavender Essential Oils 104ml (US $5.99)
2. Nature’s Bounty Chewable Vitamin C with Rose Hips, 90 Tablets (US $7.12)

13 December 2009

Today leh.. ard 5pm+ jiu went out take bus with my brother to jurong point lo.. cause gonna meet the spree organiser frm the Gmarket spree de lo.. reach there near 6pm.. hahha.. heng never late sia.. den wait awhile like 5-10 mins jiu meet with the organiser le lo.. [funni thing happened during out meet-up] Den take the big parcel from her le.. jiu went buy bubble tea with my brother nor.. aft tt jiu went to take bus back home.. ard 6pm+ jiu reach home le.. ^-^

Gmarket Loot~

Abercrombie & Fitch Flip Flop [Price in Won: 9,600]

Ard $15+ included shipping fee nor.. at first I veri scared cant fit well sia.. den I went home tried.. heng sia.. fit in just nice..! Not too big or too small lo.. just right for my feets XD First time buy flip flop size is correct sia.. =x Den feel veri comfortable when wearing it.. hehhe.. gonna wear it for shopping test test.. see will tio blister anot.. =x Still gt some stuffs which belong to my brother de.. but lazy to tk pic of it..~ Tongue out


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