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Shiseido Sales Bazaar!

10 December 2009

Went to orchard today with swee yin.. first leh.. we went to FEP nor.. den shop ard.. aft tt spotted gt food fair at L1.. XD Den I bought a durian pancake at $1.50 each nor.. she bought a meatball soup.. think is $3.50 ba if nt wrong.. hahhaa.. den we sit down & makan.. yum yum..! Next leh.. continue shopping lo.. cos we both looking for bag ma.. hahha.. den inside 1 shop I spotted a bag looks exactly like the Charles & Keith bag sia.. 100% same.. just tt price not same & the fake bag don’t have the brand logo only nor.. material wise still nt bad la.. [ So now considering which 1 to get nor.. either the real Charles & Keith or the fake one de.. Hmmm~]

Aft tt leh.. jiu went to buy bubble tea.. den go isetan scotts.. ^^ Cos I noe got designer fragrances sales up to 70% off going on at isetan scotts ma.. wahahha… =x Hmmm… nth for me to buy lo.. also saw gt YSL & Guerlain cosmetic over there.. den aft tt went to find tt hello kitty sales lo.. finally found dao le.. the pillow & the European style rug seem so gd sia.. gt abit tio tempted to buy nor.. but end up neva buy.. hahhaha.. cos tt pillow cost $35+ & the rug abt $39+ lo.. Next jiu went to wisma.. shop awhile le.. den go kino.. den browse awhile le.. jiu went to the Shiseido sales.. ^^ LOL! The searching for the place was quite funny.. hahhaha.. =x Reach there le.. at the entrance got a staff passing us the shopping bag.. den went inside need to deposit our bag before entering in nor.. den aft tt went in le.. OMG! So crowded sia… den we here see see there look look nor.. hahahha.. den I spotted the haircare section so I fly over there & see.. XD Waa.. price veri gd sia.. any 2 for $10!! Gt lots of shiseido professional shampoo, conditioner, treatment, bundle of hair masks & styling spray also.. I ended up buying the shiseido professional color care shampoo 500ml (U.P $16) & treatment. 200ml (U.P $17) at $10 for 2.. heheh.. =D

Den aft tt went to suntec nor.. shop awhile.. den go makan our dinner.. aft tt went to the watsons sales.. -___-” Can only say the watsons sales is a TOTALLY FAILURE!! Wasted my time going there sia.. damn nb de.. aft tt jiu go tk mrt & went back home le nor.. ^-^v So tired.. reach home abt 12.10am ba..

Four Seasons Durian Pancake <3!

Durian Pancake <3<3!!

My Shiseido Sales Bazaar Loots~

1. Naturelle Biotera Color Care Shampoo (500ml)
2. Naturelle Biotera Color Care Treatment (200ml)

The usual price for the shampoo & treatment~

1. Naturelle Biotera Color Care Shampoo- $16
2. Naturelle Biotera Color Care Treatment- $17 

Haven use the shampoo or treatment yet.. will update again aft I used it le.. but they both smell nice~

I ♥ SALES! ^-^v



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