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Freaking busy week~ X__X

01 December 2009

Today leh.. went out with pei si & ivy(who joined us for awhile durin evening time) to look for cw present lo.. super stress up!!! Its a long long story.. so to cut short.. we end up buying fred perry handbag.. duno she will like anot.. but at least we still choose the color she like de.. to me I think overall nt bad.. caused fred perry is still a branded UK brand ma… at least better than my bday presents la <_< [Alrite.. guess I better don recall those unhappy memories again ba..] We look ard for the present super long den feel super tired & hungry also.. feel so relax when we finally find dao tt fred perry bag nor.. hahhaa.. finally nt need stress what to buy le.. hahaha.. den aft tt me & pei si jiu went back lot1 nor.. our dinner also haven makan yet..T__T Reach lot1 abt 8pm+ nor.. den we makan mos burger.. den aft tt jiu go hm le lo.. gt headache when I reach back home~ X__XWEAREONE SG LEGO (Taken at Ion Orchard) ^-^

SG Lego~

SG Lego~

SG Lego

My loots~
Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist Mini (50ml)- $3.95
Etude House Cotton Pads Box (Free)

04 December 2009

Today woke up super early nor.. at 9am.. hahhaha.. den meet swee yin at 12pm.. cos she wanna go make passport so I pei her go nor.. if nt she alone go veri boring de sia.. ^-^ Hmmm… reach there abt 1.15pm ba.. ard 3pm+ den we leave there & went to expo.. yea.. loreal x’mas sales here I lai le.. XD Reach expo abt 4.10pm nor.. den went to the loreal sales.. yea.. not so crowded.. super heng sia.. still gt plenty of stocks available.. I end up buying Loreal Derma Genesis intensive night cream at $12 each (U.P $32.90) & Garnier Aqua Defense Fresh Non Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion(400ml) at $15 for 2. Caused I just wan tt garnier body lotion ma.. so I go tempt my frenz buy something tgt with me also.. den can share the promo tgt ma.. aahhahah.. end up tempt successful.. Tongue out she bought garnier body scrub.. hehhe.. yea.. $15 for 2.. just nice.. ~ Den aft tt we went to the penguin books warehse sales.. hmm.. boring 4 us la.. but still quite crowded nor.. hahha.. den aft tt we jiu tk mrt go somerset le..~ Cos we wanna go to the new shopping mall called 313 @ somerset.. waa sia.. so crowded lo.. den while walking to the mall.. saw gt ppl giving beauty credit sample nor.. I also gt received.. so happy~ ^-^ Den my frenz wanna go to the face shop.. so we go there nor.. I was browsing ard.. den suddenly gt 1 SA popped out infront of me.. den dunno blah blah wad nonsense & aft tt passed me a shopping basket inside gt discount coupons & 1 diamond shine miniature lipgloss lo.. XD Yea! Got free gifts again~ But nth 4 us to buy la.. so we just leave~ Den wanna went to uniqlo but den I stomach v hungry.. so we went to orchard central first cos she wanna check earphone.. den next went to cine.. makan dinner~ Yum Yum!

Aft tt went to taka shop ard nor.. den wisma.. den aft tt go back taka tk bus 190.. -.-” soo crowded sia.. so we give up.. den go tk mrt back home.. lol.. reach home ard 12am++ XD

Loreal x’mas sales loots~ <3

1. Loreal Derma Genesis Intensive Night Cream 50ml ($12)
2. Garnier Aqua Defense

Fresh Non Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion 400ml ($15 for 2)
* Also received a loreal gifts wrapper for purchase above $20. But by the time I reached home, the gifts wrapper alrdy become rojak liao.. so I dumped it off.. =x

My freebies while walking ard at somerset~ XD

Beauty Credit BB Cream flyer & HyoYong Water Cream sample
The face shop

miniature diamond shine lipgloss

While on the way going to tk bus nah.. I saw a super big LV bag.. so I very kpo.. heheh… XD

Super Duper BIG LV Bag (Outside Ngee Ann City) [Front View]

Super Duper BIG LV Bag (Outside Ngee Ann City) [Back View]

Ar… so pretty sia..~

05 December 2009

Today leh.. pei si asked me pei her go to the loreal sales nor.. so we went there.. reach there abt 3pm+ ba.. super crowded.. need to queue before entering the event.. but heng we only waited for abt 10-15mins ba to enter in.. sian sia.. alot of stuffs OOS le.. den the queue to cashier super duper long sia.. I was hoping to get another derma genesis night cream de.. but too bad.. also OOS liao le.. so we came out empty handed.. lol.. den aft tt jiu went to orchard lo.. caused she wanna go stage buy something.. den aft tt we went to isetan scotts shop ard.. jiu go taka.. den shop awhile le.. jiu go tk bus back.. cos need to attend cw belated bday celebration… hmmm… overall still alright lo.. went there makan abit.. den watch tv.. den self entertain
ourselves lo.. cos the cw damn busy la.. entertain her poly frenzs.. so we just self entertain ourselves.. ard 11pm jiu leave le.. den go tk lrt back to lot1.. den went to mac buy supper jiu went back home le.. so tired sia..~ X__X


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