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X’mas Tree~

24 November 2009

Today leh.. went out with Pei Si nor.. 1st leh we went to orchard.. cause she wanna go stage ma.. hahha.. den aft tt leh jiu shop ard at FEP lo.. buy bubble tea den go Isetan Scotts lo.. hmmm… I still wondering what to buy with the $30 isetan voucher sia.. >__< Wanna buy bag, but don’t have the design I like de.. sian 1/2 sia.. den wan buy tt fossil watch.. but they don’t have tt design I wan de.. =___=” Sian Sian!! WAD CAN I BUY SIA?!! Alright.. next we went to Etude House… hahha.. they giving out o2 mask sheet as door gifts again.. den we browse here & there.. I saw the New Moisfull Collagen range.. so kpo go try try lo.. heheh.. tried the
Moistfull Collagen Cream.. feel nt bad.. absorbs quite fast..
the smell also not bad.. only the price is very BAD.. hahahha.. rather
go gmarket buy sia.. XD End up.. I bought a steam milk hand lotion.. price $9.90.. at 1st wanna get tt rose shea butter hand lotion de.. but the price veri nice la.. for 100ml, $18.90 leh.. =.=” Gmarket only selling less than half of the price sia.. argh! Den my frenz bought the rose shea butter feet mask.. price $5.90 ba if I rmb correctly ar.. den the cashier gave us 1 fluffy pen each nor.. pei si gt the pink fluffy pen at 1st.. den she asked for an exchanged to the blue color de.. hahahha… told her exchange better le ma.. den my turn le.. the cashier at 1st wanna gave me tt pink fluffy pen also.. but den I told her I prefer blue color instead.. XD Keke..~ Out of so many color hor… blue,pink,purple,yellow & green.. I prefer the blue & purple de nor.. looks more nicer.. yellow & green looks kinda weird sia.. =x

Next leh.. jiu take mrt to chinatown.. something funny happened.. caused we took the wrong train.. LOL! Tongue out Reach chinatown ard 4-5pm+ ba.. den jiu go swanstons nor.. check price le.. den went to ocean & ley wah.. I finally bought the KeraSys Hair Clinic System shampoo & conditioner at ley wah le… hehehhe… gotten the repairing range de lo.. 800ml for $10.90.. both the shampoo & conditioner also same price… also bought the biore black nose strips.. price $3.30.. cheaper than watsons.. [I tried the kerasys shampoo & conditioner le.. smell veri nice.. result was pretty good.. shampoo veri foamy.. the conditioner wasn’t so oily compared to VS premium de.. but will still monitor for awhile first nor~] ^-^v

Den we went to vivo lo.. 1st go makan our dinner.. hmmm.. makan our dinner at LJS.. den aft tt went to daiso.. bought tt sponge cake mold box for my longmao lo.. like tt can put the hay inside ma.. hahhaha… aft tt leh.. jiu went to pet shop.. browse ard.. den went back to lot1… cause I wanna go pet shop buy hay for my longmao.. heng the shop haven close yet.. =p Bought oxbow western timothy hay & oxbow organic meadow hay(15oz) lo.. nb de.. shouldn’t have bought tt organic meadow hay sia.. cause not so fresh… >__< But bo bian la.. cause I tt time wanna use NETS to pay ma.. minimum amount need $20 nor.. argHhhhh!!! >__<

Loots of the day~

Etude House Steam Milk Hand Lotion
My free fluffy pen(Blue) with any purchase <3

X’mas Tree at Vivo City (w/o flash, taken from far)

X’mas Tree at Vivo City (w/o flash, taken much nearer to the tree)

X’mas Tree at Vivo City (with flash)

X’mas Tree at Vivo City (with flash)

*As you can noticed ar.. the x’mas tree is the SAME AS 2008 de.. =p Oh well!! Rather than no x’mas tree hor.. hahaha… ^^


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